Sunday 14 September 2014

For the LOVE of .....

For the LOVE OF ........

"Happy Mail"

My "Miss Kate" FQ Bundle by Bonnie and Camille has arrived
and doesn't she just look right at home there with her bigger sisters :o)

I'm seeing a theme :o)

For the LOVE of ..... Bonnie and Camille

I've also mentioned before that I have joined this Bee.

In the last week I started working on my blocks.
We are to make each member of our Hive a 12.5" block or equivalent, 
in Bonnie and Camille fabrics.

I knew right from the start that I wanted to make these blocks.

Silly me though.  I had it in my head, 2 blocks a month for 6 months and it wasn't until after I made these that I realised we have 15 members in our hive. 

Looks like I will be making a couple more of each next week.  

I don't want to play favorites and pick who I send to first, so everyone will be getting their blocks at the same time and I then get to sit back for the next 6 months and await my happy mail blocks to arrive.

Enjoy your Sunday.

Hugs Sharon


  1. You have chosen wonderful blocks. Lucky hive members.

  2. Love both choices of blocks Sharon. They are all so bright & colourful !
    You are one organised hive member. :)

  3. Lovely blocks! And I must say that I am a little bit envious of your fab B&C stash!!

  4. Just beautiful, love the strawberry. Your hive will be thrilled - are you sure you go to bed??

  5. terribly cute blocks! I must say I had mine delivered the other week and fell in love with Miss Kate. Its right up there with Scrumptious. I think I will also need to order some Daysail when it comes along too. oooh it does make me terribly happy too.

  6. I am loving following this bee on Instagram. I regret that I didn't join in! However, I know I couldn't keep up with the work rate and would let others down. Maybe next time, if I don't have to work so much next year.

  7. If anyone drops out of your bee, keep me in mind. :)


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