Thursday 18 September 2014

Popcorn and Lace Cushion

"Popcorn and Lace Cushion"

I actually made this one last weekend, it's just taken me all week to get on the Computer to Blog it!
It still needs 3 buttons on the back and a smaller insert but I am really happy with how it turned out.

If you are intersted

Popcorn & Lace Pillow Pattern

I found the pattern over HERE 

This first block only took me 2.5 hours!
You must remember that I am still a beginner when it comes to crochet.
The second one took only 45 mins.

"Coastal Ripple"

My Yarn for my Coastal Ripple has arrived. Maybe this weekend
I wont get distracted by new pretty crochet squares like above and have a play
with it, or at least the pattern.

Also arriving this week was my second Installment of the 
"Libery Club" from PolkaDot Tea Fabrics 

I am still looking for the perfect pattern to use to play with these each month.
Maybe by next month I might have made a decision.

Until next time,
happy stitching.


  1. Your cushion is just beautiful - when exactly do you sleep? Watching your big quilt come together it is just stunning.

  2. Sweet cushion, I think you may have moved beyond beginner crochet! It's lovely to make a little stash of fabrics waiting for just the right project.

  3. Your crochet is moving along nicely. Good time improvement

  4. Your cushion is beautiful Sharon,can't beleive Youve only been crocheting a short time.a very quick learner.Love the pattern.x

  5. more awesome projects and fabrics and yarn... I love visiting your place...

  6. Your cushion is lovely. Such a pretty pattern.
    Enjoy your ripple crochet. I liked be able to play with that one and like the blanket I have finished.
    Lovely fabrics, too.


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