Saturday 13 September 2014

A crochet Finish

 African Flowers 
I have a Finished blanket.
My 2nd crochet blanket project is all finished and
I am so pleased with how it has turned out.

I decided that I wanted a soft lacy looking edge.
Not bad for a beginner and no pattern for the edge :)

I am super pleased with myself as that means that I am actually keeping to my own promise of not starting another Crochet project until one is finished.  But what now?
No crochet project on the go?
No there isn't but that's OK as this is my next project.

A much bigger project - Single bed size.
The wool is on its way and the pattern is downloaded.
Now to practice before it arrives. Wish me luck.

Hugs Sharon xx


  1. OOOoohhh I saw this blanket on Lucy's blog and thought it was gorgeous will look forward with great interest for progress shots in the near future and I'm sure you'll do fine with the pattern especially after conquering the African flower hexie this one should be easy as it's a a repeat pattern:) Barb.

  2. Your blanket it beautiful, Sharon. Between you and Barb, will there be any wool left for anyone else? LOL! Great job. xx

  3. They are beautiful Sharon.
    I love them both, I expect you will rise to the challenge with ease.

  4. Such a pretty blanket Sharon. I am sure you will manage the ripple. I'm tempted by that one myself, but I think I'll sit back and watch you!

  5. It looks beautiful Sharon! So proud of what you have accomplished in such a short time.

  6. love it... really pretty

  7. The blanket is gorgeous I love the lacy edge - you are very clever.

  8. Your crochet blanket is beautiful!! Those flower blocks look wonderful and I do like the frilly edging. Your next crochet project looks gorgeous, too.

  9. Flower blanket is really lovely,enjoy your new crochet project.xx

  10. African Flowers is gorgeous... so pretty! Well done! I am still practising on my granny squares. Enjoy your new project.

  11. just tried to post earlier but thing is was lost - this is so beautiful Sharon. Such a lovely job. Well done.


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