Thursday 17 July 2014

My New Cards

I ran out of Business cards 10 days ago so decided it was time to change things up a little.
Online I went and new simple cards (top left) were ordered. 
They arrived this morning so it was time to see if this
vision I had was going to work.

These cards are bigger than your standard business card.
The plan was to sew mini bunting to all the cards but then later today
I found myself also making these.

And just in case you didn't know, yes I am a huge Bonnie and Camille fan!
The Tepee and Bunting are made from Scrumptious.
The Umbrella is April Showers and the flower is Bliss.

These were fun to make.

hugs Sharon


  1. These are really cute. Are you going to sew all of them

  2. Very cute. Good to see you using every last scrap!

  3. The bunting ones look just like a business "postcard" I made recently. They look great!

  4. Your cards look great Sharon. I don't know where you find the time to get all these things stitched!

  5. They are very cute. I hope you can manage to give them away.

  6. These are gorgeous. What a lovely idea!!

  7. Very creative and cute! Love your idea! Best wishes and much success.

  8. What a lovely idea. I love the personal touch on each one. Well done. Sue


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