Monday 23 June 2014

My Beatle Bag

The Beatle Bag
pattern by Abbey Lane Quilts

I am so pleased with how this one has turned out.

and the inside.

I see another in my future just so I can play with different colour combos.

I also got some more "happy mail" today

Which lead to me learning something new.

Apparently Bonnie and Camille's first line was the "Mother and Daughter line"
Meaning Mum (Bonnie) had her selection of fabrics and Camille (Daughter) had hers thus meaning there were multiple (3) Jelly Rolls. The Mother Roll, The Daughter Roll and the "Mother and Daughter Roll"

 It appears as though I now have the "Mother Daughter" Jelly Roll and the "Daughter Roll".
This now leaves me looking for a "Mother Roll"
Anyone have one they might want to part with?

I might also need a new, bigger cake plate!

Thanks for popping by and I hope you find some time to do something you love.
hugs Sharon


  1. Your jelly roll collection us gorgeous.
    Love your beetle bag too

  2. Your bag looks great, Sharon. Good luck in your jelly roll hunt!

  3. That Beetle bag is just stunning you have done an amazing job.

  4. LoVe the "bag"... and you have a gorgeous display of rolls...Jelly Rolls that is...yum! :)

  5. Your bag is gorgeous. You Bonnie and Camille display is wonderful.

  6. Your Beetle Bag is wonderful. beautiful work.
    That is an interesting discovery about the fabric. More collecting to do !

  7. I love your new bag. And I think you're a B&C addict!

  8. Lovely post, and I too and a big Bonnie and Camille fan. You certainly have quite a collection of jelly rolls, and here is me thinking that 5 in my stash was overkill.


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