Sunday 22 June 2014

The week in craft .... and a new swap

How was your week?

Mine started well with this pile of triangles getting stitched.

This is the start to one of the blocks for my Tessellate Quilt.

I then finished off the stitching of my last Simply Blessed Blocks.

Now to applique it to the rest of the block and finish this project off.

I have also been working on a few more African Flowers

Last count was 126.
Thinking that I might need to start joining some :o)

Then Yesterday I started something new.
A Beatle Bag!

It has stalled though :(
Seem that finding supplies locally is somewhat harder that it should be!

oh and I also signed up for a fun little swap

If you are interested pop on over HERE
Also, if you like Fussy Cutting you might want to also take a look at this

Fussy cutters unite -

Enjoy your week and I hope you find some time to do something you love.
hugs Sharon


  1. I need to live right next door to you, Sharon. You truly amaze me with all you accomplish.
    applause, applause.

  2. I love your flowers and the bag looks good, hope you get your supplies soon.

  3. Never a dull crafty moment at your place! Love the blues in your first block.

  4. More wonderful sewing at your place. Have a great week.

  5. keeping yourself busy with lovely projects....

  6. Wow! You are as busy as ever!!

  7. you must be very organised you always seem to achieve so much................and you mustn't procrastinate like

  8. The quilt block looks really interesting. Lovely fabrics.
    Your stitching on the SBB is beautiful.
    Love the flower blocks you have crocheted. i am still working on basics, but hope I can do these one day.
    Enjoy your new project and swaps!!

  9. I'm so glad and thrilled that you've joined the swap and The Fussy Cutters Club! I love seeing your work and can't wait to see more! I've been thinking of you nearly every day for the past 2 weeks as I work on a secret project - it's foundation pieced and I swear I don't know how you do it and how you do it on such a large scale! I'm in awe!


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