Tuesday 24 June 2014

Distracted ...... Again

As we know I am not one to stick to one, two, three or even four projects at a time!
In my defense, I did finish something yesterday
So today I started playing with another start of sorts :o)

My Very own 
"Bonnie and Camille Sampler"

Not sure how it will end up.
At the moment that "Drop Dead Gorgeous" block there in the middle is out as I have other plans
 for it and I've also made a couple more blocks to add in. Not sure what blocks I will add but I have got all Camille's Mini Quilt patterns out.

And my little "buzz" for the day was when Camille herself left a comment on my IG post :o)

But watch out B and C fabrics as a little more Tula Pink moved in today.
I do have plans for these. Just need to get the courage to cut.

Oh yes, Aurifil ........ I do love thee :o)

Thanks for popping in and I do hope you find the time to do something you love.
hugs Sharon


  1. You haven't just started this project. It's not new just ongoing.
    Looking good

  2. I am so glad I "rediscovered" you! I forget about all the wonderful quilters I follow and get excited to rediscover the reason I became a follower in the first place. You have Sooo many wonderful projects going on that it makes me feel a little better about myself with all my UFO's calling my name. I get bored easily but I am trying to finish more of those UFO's. Lovely quilt in progress!!
    Gmama jane

  3. Amazing as always. How fabulous to have a comment from the fabric designer. You are a super star.

  4. You are totally amazing.....love all your projects....now nice to have that comment....

  5. how fun is your blocks going to be... have fun with the new one.... it's normal to reward ourselves with a new project... quite normal...

  6. This is going to be amazing Sharon - really love all of the blocks you have made so far!

  7. Oh gosh this is gorgeous. So glad Thimbleblossoms commented so positively. You deserve it. It's amazing.

  8. Wow this looks so fantastic.
    Grit from Germany

  9. Just swap the word distracted for creative, because that is what you are being. You still get to do all the same things, but it sounds a lot more positive!!
    The blocks look great together and what a wonderful buzz to get a comment from Camille.

  10. Aurifil's my favourite too. The blocks look amazing; can't wait to see some more. It's good to keep changing what we're doing - keeps us on our toes x


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