Sunday 29 June 2014

it started out as good fun .....

(Not a Quilty post)
Dec's football training on Thursday night was a little different.
They went to the local indoor sports center to play Bubble Soccer.

and a little Beach Volleyball

Even Miss Lily found her own patch of sand to play in :o)

All good fun.  

Then later that night I found Dec face down on his bed half dressed and out to it.

He didn't remember getting out of the bath and did, in hindsight seem a little more
incoherent than normal and by that I mean, he's just been woken, I woke him and he is not a child to wake quickly!  It takes him a little bit.  Glenn and I both commented on how "out of sorts he seamed" but he went off to bed. 

Next morning I though he was just being a little stubborn and not wanting to go to the last day of school but once the Facebook messages started coming through saying that he felt "blah" and had been vomiting I was getting concerned.  Made an appt for him to see the Doctor that afternoon but the facebook messages became incoherent and unreadable.  

I dropped tools (the rotary cutter) and off I went to get him. Upon seeing him, hearing him, not understanding what he was saying off to the Hospital, Emergency Department we went. Quickly made plans for the girls to be picked up, because of course it was the last day of term and they too were to finish early.

We spend the afternoon here.
He failed all the Concussion tests.
So much so that they did a CAT Scan.
(They don't like doing these on young kids. It is a huge dose of Radiation)

On the positive side, he has a "perfect brain" and no bleeds.
{insert one huge sigh of relief here}

In amongst all the seriousness and after getting home from the hospital, we have had some huge laughs at his expense.

So why do I post this here?

Just as a gentle reminder if you like to please be vigilant with your loved ones.

Dec is not one to voice his, how do I put this, his "feeling of being unwell".
Two years ago he damaged his knee where he had no control of his leg from the knee down after injuring it as school yet still didn't seek help, just tried to walk through it.  Don't worry, in a week or so when he is a fully functioning and coherent (well as coherent as a 14 year old can be!) I will be trying to talk some sense into him about letting people know when things really hurt or something just isn't right with him.

And the other sad thing about this. He was selected to play in his first Seniors game of Football today.

I wonder if I can get a "raincheck" on that for him.

If you have read this far, thank you.
I will try to get back later with a crafty update.

hugs Sharon


  1. Glad to hear he is ok but what a fright, and a lesson for us all. Hope he's having a quiet weekend and you all get back to normal soon.

  2. Sounds a bit scary, glad he is okay.

  3. Poor Dec, hope he is feeling better today.

  4. What an awful fright for you. It is so hard with boys yes, no, good, fine and then the girls don't stop talking. I'm so pleased he is on the mend.

  5. Very scary. Glad he is OK.

  6. Oh what a worry! Hope he is on the mend soon.

  7. So sorry to hear that you had to go through this - it's one thing to need to be admitted to the hospital yourself (as I was this week) ... but it's quite another when you have to take your child there!!! So glad nothing excessively worrisome was wrong, but very glad for the two of you that he's on the mend!!!

  8. Thank goodness for Facebook! Does he remember receiving a knock to the head? Kids need to learn about concussion, it can be so dangerous. Hope you all enjoy the school holidays.

  9. Oh, what a stressful time. So glad he is on the mend.

  10. I'm so glad he's ok, but it must have been a worrying time for you all. I guess you're playing nurse for some of the holidays......maybe he needs a new quilt.

  11. Poor Dec. glad to hear he is OK but what a fright for you all.

  12. Oh my goodness!! That's so scary. So, was he just incoherent from a fever or something, or do they not know? Thankful for no brain bleed!

  13. Glad he is ok Sharon....x

  14. This can be such a frightening time for all of you. I am so pleased that all is well now. Take care.
    It is also a time when you appreciate friends and family who will drop everything to pick up children and help out when needed. All the best.

  15. SO happy to hear all is OK now... phew! :)

  16. I hope Declyn recovers quickly.

  17. Oh Gosh that's an awful scary time for all of you. So glad his brain is fine. Is he all recovered now?


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