Tuesday 20 May 2014

That '70s Quilt

"That '70s Quilt"
pattern by Kate Henderson
found in the book "Strip Savvy"

This one finished at 52" x 76"
Fabrics are "Miss Kate" by Bonnie and Camille

For now this one goes away until the yardage comes out in August.
Then it is being sent off to be quilted and then back home to Miss Lily's bed.
This girl (Lily) has impeccable taste :o)  and a growing collection of quilts for her bed!

It just looks perfect in her room.

Miss Kate has risen to the top 3 Bonnie and Camille ranges for me.
It's up there with Ruby and Scrumptious.

I'm planning to make some cushions to go with this one.

I wonder what today's sewing will bring?

Hoping you find the time to do something you love.
hugs Sharon xx


  1. it looks beautiful Sharon, are you going to put a border on it.

  2. Great to see you using some of these gorgeous fabrics. It will be a lovely quilt for Miss Lily.

  3. How cam Lily not have good taste when her mum surrounds herself with beautiful fabrics and makes such lovely things? That quilt is quite fresh and pretty.

  4. Great design done in wonderful fabrics!

  5. Your quilt is lovely Sharon.

  6. Its a lovely quilt ... I'm not surprised Lily wants it....

  7. Lovely top Sharon. I have just bought a charm pack of Miss Kate and the range is gorgeous. Hugs....

  8. Fabulous, lucky little Lily

  9. It looks fantastic on the bed there, Sharon. Great job!

  10. Why do I imagine Lily opening her quilt closet and selecting which of her gorgeous quilts she'll sleep under tonight.... OK... life is not a fairytale but it's a nice thought anyway. She's so lucky to have you to create beautiful things for her. Love the new quilt... it looks great in her room.

  11. Does Lily have any choice but to love B & C? Does she know any other designers? Nothing wrong with her having a healthy appreciation for fine fabric...unless she cuts into your stash... ;)

  12. This has turned into a lovely quilt. Lily is very lucky!

  13. I wasn't sold on this range but now you have changed my mind, its a gorgeous quilt and the colours just sing to you, just love it!

  14. Oh how did I miss this post? I love Bonnie and Camille and I love the pattern you chose. Lucky Lily! I'm going to have to get that book!!

  15. Really like this pattern. I might have to buy the book! Miss Kate is definitely on the buy list.


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