Wednesday 7 May 2014

Bitten by the Bug

The Crochet Bug that is.

So much to that I actually went here today........

I know so many people who knit and Crochet that just love this place.
They also have an online store ...... here is the link (you can thank me later if you haven't visited before)

All I can say is WOW
So many colors. I had to just stand and take it all in for a bit then the fun started.


I started picking colors and getting quite a collection up then remembered that I only live 10 minutes away.
he he ....  I can come back at any time.  I can add to my new "addiction" at any time :o)
Besides, I'm also learning my way around yarns and what's what so I don't want to rush things!
Oh and I had a male teenager with me  ...... enough said ..... yes I though so :o)

Oh and no visit is complete without a look "out back". The "Specials room".
Great prices. If only I knew exactly what I was looking at. I will learn.

So a girl can't leave empty handed.
I went in with a plan.  My next Crochet Project - African Flowers. 
Yep beginner diving in the deep end here.

(photo's courtesy of Instagram)

With some advice from my dear friend Barb I have selected to use the Luxury 4 ply for my Flowers.

This is my starting point.

It feels AMAZING.  Don't think I will ever go back to Spotlight for yarn.
Yarn snob in the making here :o)

I am already plotting what colors to add.

Thank you Barb, without your advice I would have been well and truly lost.

Now. First things first.  I need to finish my first Crochet project.

I have all these finished.
Thinking that I might sew them all together, have a play and try to add a border and call it a 
Doll Blanket  :o)

Anyone know how to add more hours to ones day?

hugs Sharon


  1. Great shop ,I love wool shops as much as fabric shops.Your squares are very pretty colours.xx

  2. Those African flowers are gorgeous. Can't wait to see yours, Sharon.

  3. Lovely wool you purchased...I love the African flower motif and they are so very easy to make...they will be very lovely in the colors you have chosen...if you figure out how to put more hours in the day please let me know the secret...

  4. Gorgeous work. I love the Bendigo Woollen Mill - their wool is gorgeous

  5. Now I need to visit in person! Those 200gm balls are going to go a LONG way! I buy four for a jumper or cardigan! But such pretty colours, I don't know how you could resist buying more....

  6. Be still my beating heart! Swooning....big time....

  7. looking forward to seeing all your wonderful creations.... perfect hobby for the cooler weather..

  8. Oh my!!!!!! Such yummy yarns and a lovely pattern you intend to do. Barb is rather good value regarding Crochet advise. She inspired and assisted me via the internet. I recently bought from the Bendigo Woollen Mill via internet for the cardi I am knitting, Great prices there. Have fun.

  9. Sharon this colours are gorgeous. Can't wait to see your crochet flowers grow.

  10. Glad to be able to help you out Sharon, just email me if you have any questions and bring this project to our next meet up and I'll be able to demonstrate things visually for you as I learn much better this way when learning something new. I can't wait to see the ones you've already done. Sorry for encouraging you to be a yarn snob......:) Barb.

  11. That's like being a kid in a lolly shop! How did you manage to behave so well?
    These colours you have chosen are gorgeous and will look great in the African Flowers.
    I would be in big trouble if I lived that close to the mill shop!

  12. I love Bendigo wool mills, I have been getting wool there for years. My problem is I never want to make something simple......or quick. Have fun with your flowers

  13. Great job on those granny squares. They do grow quickly. My mum does lots of these


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