Friday 9 May 2014

The collection Grows

"The Tower of Bonnie and Camille"

I had the pleasure of adding these beauties to my collection yesterday

"Miss Kate" the newest range from the talented Mother and Daughter design team "Bonnie and Camille"
and "Cotton Blossoms" the second range ever released by Bonnie and Camille

So one to the bottom and one to the top :o)

I have no plans to ever use these.
They are a "Happy Spot" within my sewing space.
To be looked and and loved :o)

I am still on the search for a "Simple Abundance" Jelly Roll so if you happen to have one stored away that you don't want or need anymore please let me know. You have no idea how happy it would make me to have the complete collection.

I do have some more early release pre-cuts on their way to my door and I will be cutting
into them and playing, but what to make first?  
Miss Kate officially arrives in stores in August.  I've already picked what I "need" yardage of :o)

Have a fantastic Friday,
hugs Sharon


  1. what a lovely tower Sharon,have fun looking and stroking,cant wait to see what you make with the pre cuts.xx

  2. Lovely bags. The tissue covers look great together. Jelly roll look so good, I know how you feel about not using them. I always feel the same.

  3. Oh dear! Does one call this an addiction or an obsession? They do look quite lovely . I would say they would be a perfect de-stressor. You can just sit and look at them like meditating. Hehehehe.

  4. Hi Sharon - I might have a Simple Abundance jelly roll but I need to do a little digging. I'll be in touch if I find it. :-)

  5. great buys. I love your collection.

  6. oh you are too funny!! Perhaps you could snip a 2" end of each piece of fabric and put them altogether over the years and then test yourself on which line they are from?

  7. they are certainly happy making fabrics...

  8. I'd be HaPPy too...if they lived with me!!! Great collection! :)

  9. Just beautiful! People collect stamps just to look at them. You can do the same with fabric. Personally I prefer fabric!


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