Monday 5 May 2014

Yeah ........ finishes!

Last months "Crafting Calendar"
 I see two completed quilt tops, a mini quilt for my wall and a Social Tote.

and a few new starts :o)

This weekend I decided that I should concentrate on getting a few more items over the line and clean up my dumping area for UFO's.

First finish was these two. All ready to go to the Quilter later this week.
I even went and made the binding in readiness for their return.

I then finished off Block 2 for this one. It only needed to be sewn together

These next two I only had the outer shell done so I got stuck into them and finished them off.

Both have homes to go to. One day I will make on for me.

Then with Mother's Day fast approaching and with the the Mother's Day stall at the girls school
I went and made 47 Tissue Covers.

Stuffed them and delivered them this morning.

The best bit ...... no yardage was harmed in the making of these.
All from my Scrap containers.

So that rounds out my crafting weekend.
Somewhere in the middle there was a Football Game, Basketball Game, Declyn Umpiring in Gisborne and
Lily had two Dance Work Shops, one Ballet and one Jazz and the constant coming and going of teenagers.
It always amases me how my two teenage boys go out but 6 come home!

 I LOVE being a mum.
have a great week,
hugs Sharon


  1. What a fantastic achievement!!!! You must have been stitching 24/7.

  2. great post Sharon.xx

  3. Awesome have had an amazing month

  4. Great month for you Sharon......did you come to Gisborne with Declan? Could have met you for a coffee or a sit ans sew!

  5. Goodness, I feel like a right slacker after reading that list of accomplishments! You must only need 2 hours sleep a night. Some lovely work there.

  6. What a month of achievement - just between you and me do you ever go to bed? You are amazing.

  7. Lots and lots of loveliness... I am in awe of how much you pack into your time... beautiful work... and that's the sewing and those lovely children...

  8. Lots of lovely finishes achieved Sharon. Those tissue holders will be great sellers I think. Hugs.....

  9. Great finishes Sharon ,I still love love love those social totes.
    Lily is growing up fast,she's a little beaut.xx

  10. You really are super woman. Well done

  11. You have been extremely busy. So many wonderful finishes. How many totes are you up to now? They always look great. The tissue holders are a perfect idea for the school stall. And they use up some scraps and that's a bonus.

  12. I love these covers for a gift. I should do some for my grandsons school

  13. Yet again, so amazingly productive. Not sure how you do it. Oh yes, you must not sleep. They are all lovely including that gorgeous miss L .


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