Thursday 20 March 2014


Hang with me here as I have a few things to share :o)

First up ........ Happy mail today :o)
(top left)  April Showers FQ Bundle by Bonnie and Camille
Which of course confirms even more that I am a Bonnie and Camille addict!

Miss Lily LOVES her new quilt.
Thank you everyone who sent her Birthday Wishes.
 Lily sends huge hugs back to each and every one of you.

Birthday cake No 1. (there will be a second cake on Saturday when she has her party)

Every Wednesday Lily and I have been going out on a lunch date (In Prep here she has every Wednesday off for Term 1) and when we go to the Bakery she chooses a cupcake with eyes and a nose/mouth.
So she asked that we make these for her birthday :o)
I personally think that the best Birthday cakes are those which are thought of and
 decorated by the birthday girl herself. 

And lastly. I think my man might be a keeper.
Just look at what he came home with.

She is a 1929 Singer and will keep my other Singer (1954 model) company :o)
I've ordered her a new belt and a given her a little clean.

If you go back up and look at the photo of Lily running off with her quilt you will see this one in my entrance hall and my other one is just off to the left in that same shot :o)

Thank you for popping by.
hugs Sharon


  1. Your Lily is beautiful! I really enjoyed seeing your Bonnie and Camille fabric. I love the navy in the April Showers range. You know, I've been thinking that my home needs a bit of a decorating overhaul. Rather than purchasing home decor, I might consider decorating with jelly rolls and layer cakes. I think they look stunning!

  2. I enjoy your fabric sharing stash, and Lily is so happy in the photos, the photo of your stash is a master piece. and to have a bonus from the man of the home... thanks so much for sharing and best wishes to Miss Lily

  3. Lovely to see Lily with her new quilt. How gorgeous. And I love the birthday cake idea.
    Your fabric stash sure is growing. As is your sewing machine collection! Enjoy.

  4. Sharon how wonderful to see a quilt bring so much joy to that little bundle of joy. You bet hubby is a keeper - what a man.

  5. Your stash look amazing!! Shades of green over here!! Miss Lily looks very happy with her quilt, the cakes are wonderful and your hubby is the best!!!

  6. Congratulations to lily! She looks like she loves the quilt. It turned out great. Lovely cakes. Lovely fabric display.

  7. Woohoo!!! Such a lovely lot of pics. Lily is gorgeous and clearly looooves her quilt. Love that owl. Cakes look cute and yummy. Fabric is also a bit yummy. Well done gal.

  8. That collection of B&C is growing Sharon. Lily looks lovely modelling her new quilt. Wow - lucky you with the new Singer addition

  9. I love Bonnie and Camille fabrics as well and you have a note worthy collection. Love Lily's cake.

  10. Lovely post Sharon,
    Fabulous fabric, and gorgeous photos of Miss Lily with her Quilt.
    Wishing that beautiful girl a belated Happy 5th Birthday, and a wonderful year ahead.
    Hugs R.

  11. Happy birthday to beautiful lily and lovely quilt finished in time... I'm catching up on blog reading and you have some great projects and lots of fun to read about

  12. Your gifts for Lily are gorgeous...those fabrics are gorgeous..

  13. Happy 5th Birthday to Lily! My youngest, Elijah, turned 5 in February. It's not compulsory for him to have one day off a week in his first term, but strongly encouraged, so he's been having Fridays home with me. Mostly we're both buggered from our four day week at school we have a very quiet lazy day at home.


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