Sunday 26 January 2014

Sew Together Bag

"Sew Together Bag"

......... have you seen it before?
It has a little bit of a reputation and for that reason the Pattern has been sitting
on my cutting table tormenting me for a couple of weeks.
Well yesterday I decided it was that day that I would give it a go and I am
glade I did.

I am loving the blue Liberty fabrics.

 I am slowly getting over my fear of zips.

If you are interested in the Pattern it can be purchased HERE
I see another in my future as soon as I decided on my fabrics.

Hope you find time to do something you love today.
hugs Sharon


  1. You have made a great bag Sharon. Looks very tricky.

  2. so beautiful Sharon,
    with all those zips in the one project I think you will be a pro at the end of it!
    love the blues, of course.

  3. This is fabulous. Your fabrics are delightful - I love Liberty fabrics

  4. Oh WOW... you did a marvellous job Sharon. It's looks great! :)

  5. Lovely bag. looks very useful. Well done. lots of zips, you should be a expert by now.

  6. Lovely bag... It looks quite a challenge

  7. love this Shaz and also the fabrics you chose,great pattern for a classy bag,well done.xx

  8. Looks wonderful Sharon. Great job!

  9. I have not seen this bag before but I am pleased I have now. It is amazing. Your bag looks wonderful and the fabrics are gorgeous. Was it hard/tricky to make? Love it!!

  10. Clever you! I love blue and white colourways and those fabrics are beautiful. I think I need to wait a while before I am as brave asyou to sew zips. Awesome bag.

  11. I have never seen this bag before but it looks absolutely fantastic, I wonder if I am adventurous enough!
    Cornelia :)

  12. That looks great. Good zip training. Maybe I should give it a go.

  13. Wow Sharon that is just lovely,I would say you are well and truly over the zip thingy well done.
    Love the fabrics.xx

  14. Your bag is gorgeous Sharon, love the liberty blues and all the separate storage! xx

  15. wow your bag....just gorgeous


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