Friday 24 January 2014

Fabriholics Anonymous - update

January Update


OK it's time to see how the first month is going.
Not too bad I think.

I am allowed to buy book, patterns, notions etc. 
Here are my little indulgences for the last two weeks.

I destashed a LOT of stuff yesterday on Instagram in the
and feel very pleased that I was able to let stuff go to new homes
where I am sure it will be loved and well played with :o)

But, I did buy................

Yardage of these but that's allowed as they are backing
 to finish 2 quilts  :)

I also purchased these and they are "my exception to the rule" as they are Bonnie and Camille.


There was also this purchase which is also OK as they are for my "Lucy Boston"
oh the fussy cutting potential :o)  

that was not an exception to the rule was these .... 

I may have also taken part in last weeks #greatusdestash and look what I got ......

Hello pretty "Ruby FQ Bundle"  If this is not heaven in fabric then I don't know what is :o)
So looking forward to its arrival so it can take pride of place in my "little" Bonnie and Camille Stash.

OK so rounding up, yes a few purchases but only one fell outside of my guidelines.
Not a bad month. Now time to stalk the postie .......

hugs Sharon


  1. wow lots happening,i think you bought back as much as you sold,lol,have fun with your new buys Shaz.xx

  2. lots of goodies the Ruby!

  3. You've picked up some beautiful pieces. Lucky you getting to look forward to the mail. That's what I'm missing the most!!

  4. Laughing at the mental image of stalking the postie... now if only my lack of fabric purchases could have been as exciting as your lack of fabric purchases :0)

  5. Well done Sharon. I can imagine it is hard to go cold turkey. hugs......

  6. OMG! What fantastic purchases. If you de-stashed then I think stocking up on those prizes is very much allowed.

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  8. If Fabric was food..... I would have put weight on just reading your blog very nice goodies

  9. I too bought patterns and speciality rulers. Not that I really needed patterns but I fell in love with some Jen Kingwell patterns.

  10. Of course there have to be exceptions to the rule. And they are lovely exceptions, too.

  11. Great exceptions - some lovely purchases there - I'm rather missing my postman.

  12. Yummo purchases....looks like a good night...

  13. what gorgeous goodies, would love to know more about the destash site?

  14. So many lovely scrummy purchases there. Your poor postie might try to outrun you soon if you are stalking him/her.

  15. A great month I would say Sharon

  16. What fabric? I didn't see any fabric? Lol. Hubby in the US and bringing me back FQ bundle of minick and Simpson Grant park. Can't wait. His comment was " I have your ESSENTIAL fabric. Why so course darling!

  17. One can forgive ONE purchase... lol... as it was a necessity. :)

  18. I should have used your rules, Well since you got rid of stash and you have less than when you started, I see nothing! But fun of course!

  19. Ooh you lucky woman to have more wonderful Ruby


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