Saturday 16 November 2013

Millrose Christmas Gathering

Another day spent with such a lovely group of ladies in the perfect location :o)

Millrose Cottage in Ballan.

Our Swap theme this time around was Red Brolly.
So many beautiful swap gifts were made.  This swap is always on the highest quality.
Everyone goes to so much effort.  Just have a look.

This time around the swap was done as a "Bad Santa" swap. Overseen by Shez.
(guidelines are here if your interested)

 Here are some moments that I caught on camera :)

 It was all way to funny to watch and you just didn't know what gift you were going home with.
I started off with this lovely cushion made by Ann (below) but in the spirit of the day I decided to "swap" Christine's gift.  :o)

but then Shez took that from me and I ended with this beautiful sewing case and heart.
Christine was the first to open her gift so she got to, should she wish to, "swap" any gift at the very end,
 and she did. She raided Shez's gift which just happened to be her (Christine's) original gift.
All fun and full of laughs.

I was also spoiled and received some lovely Christmas gifts from the others within the "Founding 5" of the Millrose Bloggers Meet.

Top left from Shez, Top right from Barb, Bottom left from Melody and bottom right from Christine.
Thank you ladies, I love all my gifts.

Such a fun filled day.
Thank you everyone for making it so.
hugs Sharon


  1. wasnt it just the best day,i had so much fun,count down is already on for next meeting.xx

  2. Yes, most definitely a fun day by the looks. hugs......

  3. always wonderful to have blog meets............looks lots of fun..................

  4. Looks like you ladies had great fun at your meet up....don't you just love playing that game with the gifts, we do this for our family Christmas get together every year.

  5. Wow..looks like ther PERFECT day...fantastic photos...amazing gifts....

  6. Yes, it was a fantastic day. I really think Shez loved being "Naughty Santa"! She seemed to take great pleasure in it! LOL! It's always lovely to catch up with these lovely ladies.

  7. These days spent with our blogging friends are so special. Looks like it was another fantastic get together. Gorgeous swap gifts, and I hope no one came to blows in the Bad Santa.

  8. great fun pics... and that santa does look very naughty!!! you all did so well ...

  9. Ha. Looks like great fun. Such lovely gifts and so much effort.

  10. You captured the day beautifully. Thanks for another wonderful Mill Rose day.

  11. Looks like a wonderful day, lots of amazing gifts!

  12. Those gift swaps are sooo much fun...especially when you think you have the gift you like and then someone steals it...naughty BAD santa... lol :)

  13. Wonderful looking swaps and so much fun thanks for sharing the photos

  14. So many beautiful things for so many beautiful people. I am sooo envious!!!

  15. What a fun day Sharon - the bad Santa sounded like it was fun

  16. Another great day at Mill Rose...looking forward to February.


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