Sunday 17 November 2013

Sunday ......

Sunday Musings ......

I have to admit that after a big day yesterday at the Bloggers meet and then going to the In laws
 for a catch up and tea before driving home I was exhausted this morning so I enjoyed an
"extended stay" in bed, under my favorite quilt, coffee in hand catching up on a LOT of 
blog posts.

I really think that my sewing project for the day had a lot to do with it also.
I had received one of  "those" phone calls from Miss K's school earlier in the week.
You know the one where the person on the other end starts with
 "we have been told that you can sew and I know this is short notice, but...."

6 Chefs hats for the School Production.

Here is my cute little helper modeling the first one for me :o)

Then back to the sewing machine it was .....

Yay, compulsory, not so much fun sewing was done!

Now on to the fun stuff ..... stay tuned.

hugs Sharon


  1. Maybe not as glamorous as your usual projects, but it's nice to be known as someone who can sew. I'm sure they will look great in the performance.

  2. What a cute little chef you have :))

  3. They are very cute! Don't you love the last minute call out? I made 7 or 8 outfits for our school concert too.

  4. They look wonderful Sharon. Much appreciated I'm sure by the school. Hugs......

  5. Great work Sharon,Miss Lily looks a picture.I had to laugh when I read your post,I was a teaching assistant for 30years and many a time you would catch me in the staff room thread in hand.I can't tell you how many Christmases I sat sewing tinsel to Angels Wings,happy days.xx

  6. Cute chef's hats Sharon. When Nelson was in prep, I was asked to make 6 or so angel costumes! Always a good job to get over and done with.

  7. Haha! I'm waiting for that but I really can't sew! Unlike you, those hats are fantastic.


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