Tuesday 19 November 2013

Meet "Ginger"

Allow me to introduce

Is she not just the cutest little Fox in a green dress that you have ever seen.
I am personally loving the Tilda trims and little heart buttons.

Miss Lily loves her.  Her eyes light up when she first saw her all finished :o)

 Ginger is the new pattern from Jodie over at Ric Rac.
The pattern can be purchased HERE if your interested.

My little Ric Rac Family is growing quite nicely :o)

You may notice that my Rainbow Giraffe is missing.  He is currently Miss Lily's sleeping buddy.
Think I need to make another one for me.

I'm also thinking that the next addition to my little Ric Rac  Family will (at last) be "Elsie Cabbage".
Fabrics have been sourced for a while and she has been patiently waiting.  Her time is coming :o)
 Just need to finish or is that start a couple of family Christmas presents.

hugs Sharon.


  1. Ginger is very cute! You do have quite the family there Sharon!

  2. Sharon your collection is growing very nicely. I still have the giraffe is bits. Must get a long needle to sew it all together.

  3. Ginger is gorgeous Sharon. You'll need another cupboard to put them all on soon!

  4. Love Ginger,they are all beautiful Sharon,a lovely collection.xx

  5. Well hello Ginger....so very cute, great collection...

  6. ALL your "friends" are gorgeous Sharon!
    Must be fun at afternoon tea OR a picnic! :)

  7. It looks like Ginger won't be staying on the shelf if Miss Lily is about! I don't blame her!

  8. wow Sha Ginger is the perfect little friend for Miss Lil look at how happy she is with her,,and another awesome finish to add to your growing ric rac family,well done kiddo.xx

  9. I love Ginger... but I adore your collection....

  10. Oh my goodness, she is soo so cute! You are a masterful sewist Sharon! :D And Jodie is a genius! Love all of her patterns. Looking forward to your next Jodie creation. Your collection is to die for cute!! xo

  11. Ginger is beautiful Sharon, you have done such a beautiful job! Love the family!

  12. Ginger makes another cute addition to your family

  13. They're all so gorgeous, Sharon, Jodie must be so proud of her favourite stalker!


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