Thursday 21 November 2013

Gingerbread Lane

"Christmas on Gingerbread Lane"
Do you remember when I rediscovered Cross Stitch after a looong break and
I signed up for these two projects back here?

... and I mentioned that I was very tempted to sign up for another :o)

Well I did :o)
I was trying to be very good and finish the lace border on the 12 Days of Christmas

but, yes there is a but and it is my excuse, 
I could not resist any longer with all the updates appearing over on Instagram so I caved!

So glade I did because I am really loving this one too. 
There were also people doing "daily progress shots" which I thought
was a great idea to help keep the motivation there.

So this is what I've been up to for the last few days.

My day 4 Progress shot might have to wait a few days now as this little Ballerina had her second last ballet lesson on Monday with next week being a dress up day before the big concert on Saturday night so I need to get moving on making her a Dress Up costume. 

Wish me luck, it has to be circus themed.
I'm thinking a "Circus Performer", bright colours, crazy hair.

hugs Sharon


  1. Your little ballerina is the cutest little girl. Great cross stitch too.

  2. Your cross stitch is beautiful Sharon - little ballerina is beautiful too!! I can see her as a circus performer!

  3. Awwww all beautiful especially the ballerina.

  4. Love the gingerbread house. That little ballerina of yours is just so cute!

  5. Your stitching looks wonderful! AND I'm sure Miss Ballerina will be gorgeous in AnyTHinG! :)

  6. Cute cross stitch Sharon, but I must say Miss Lily takes the prize, she is just the cutest.

  7. lovely cross stitch... and have fun with Miss Lily's costume... you will show us wont't you?

  8. such lovely work Shaz and have fun dressing up Miss Lil.xx

  9. Gorgeous cross stitching....and our Darling girl, so so cute...

  10. Great cross stitch,and whatever you make for lovely Lily will be wonderful.xx

  11. Looking good. Yes dance concerts, rehearsals and costumes all happening in our house too.

  12. Your cross stitch is beautiful Sharon, I can see why you wanted to do them. Love your little Ginger in the previous post too! And your ballerina is gorgeous. xx


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