Monday 28 October 2013

Eye Candy and my weekend

All was right in my little world on Friday with the arrival of these two beauties.

Ahhhhhh    :o)
Let's just take a moment to soak in these beauties.
The Bliss Jelly Roll was a lovely find on Ebay.

Over the weekend there was a little Christmas theme.
I spend a little time finishing off some swaps.
I think I'm 1/2 a pincushion off being finished.

Also got these out of the Shed. I think I made them 8 - 9 years ago and have been meaning to give them a little repaint for the last few years. My cute little helper got to giving them a quick sand for me. Hopefully they will get the new paint before December 1st.

We then ventured back inside and I decided it was time to find a home for my new additions to my stash.

This photo (above) is my "happy place".  
Oh and I'm still looking for a Ruby Jelly Roll if anyone has one they want to destash :o)
I also love seeing two Bliss Jelly Rolls.  One might have to be opened and played with. 

This cutie is growing up so fast. She knew it was here Ballet Teachers Birthday
and asked if we could take her some flowers today, so of course we went and picked some
Roses from our garden.

I made a big mistake today though by opening these.

Yeah, like I was ever going to eat just one! lol

Then spent a little time late today working on my 
"The 12 Days of Christmas" Cross stitch. 
Slow progress but I have made it to the corner.

Hope you are finding your "Happy Place" and doing something you love.

hugs, Sharon


  1. Your B & C stash is to die for Sharon, no wonder it is your happy place.. You have been getting lots done. Hugs.......

  2. You should open a patchwork shop and call it Bliss.......or My Happy Place. It's so hard to open those pretty pre cuts. Your little helper is very sweet.

  3. Shaz i so love this post i can feel how happy you are in your happy place and god bless little Miss Lil,what a sweetie,you are so relaxed there doing your cross stitch and love your decorated bags you clever girl you.xx

  4. I really, really don't like you. You know that, don't you? You have Bliss and I don't. You get to play with fabric all day long and I don't. So how many TTs did you eat???? Loving your cross stitch. I'm off to work and blowing you a giant raspberry as I go, lol.

  5. Love all that Bonnie and Camille. I still have a Bliss layer cake and a fair amount of Ruby. Your little sweetie is adorable.

  6. Oh, and what a happy place it is!

  7. That was a lovely visit Sharon...I sooo enjoyed it!
    I hope to go to my "happy place" sometime :)

  8. lots of lovely fabric in your happy place... just gorgeous... and so is your little helper... just too cute...

  9. Your happy place is beautiful and your little helper is so gorgeous! Lovely post xx

  10. Love your happy place - I can see you sitting there smiling and feeling wonderful! The Xmas bags are beautiful, so nice to have a happy helper!!

  11. envy comes to mind seeing all those wonderful fabrics in your work room

  12. Oh wow, what a wonderful happy place. Your little cutie gets prettier and prettier each day


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