Thursday 19 September 2013


Not only is Instagram a great spot to find inspiration it is a great place to
meet new friends.  Roslyn and I "meet" on Instagram and then had the pleasure
to meet in person at "Friends in Stitches".  Roslyn lives in WA so if it 
wasn't for Instagram we would never have met.
We decided to do a swap.
 Both packages have now arrived so I can share with you.   

I had no idea what Roslyn was making accept it was of her design and would involve
Vintage Lace, doilies, ribbons etc.   It has arrived and WOW it is truly beautiful. 
I am one very lucky and spoilt girl.

"Project Carry All" 

Beautiful Vintage Lace and Doilies.

Beautiful Hand Made Card, previews of Roslyn's new Business Cards and pockets full of goodies.

A special touch of Beading.
I LOVE it so much, thank you Roslyn.
When it's not in use it has a special place with some other special Vintage Goodies.

My box of Vintage treasures I received at the last Millrose swap from
 O'faigh and my Lavender pouches from Christine :o)

Not knowing what I was having made for me made it a little hard to know what to make for Roslyn.
I decided to go with an Aussie Designer that I love and go outside my comfort zone and use Roslyn's favourite colour ..... Blue.

"Sewing Case" by Annie Downs

See the cute little "Quilt Block Zipper Pull"

Fully lined and Label attached :)
And of course you cant go giving an empty bag .....

(I need those Scissors in red)

Thank you so much Roslyn for a fun swap.
hugs Sharon


  1. such beautiful gifts on both parts! And so much effort has gone into them all. Very lucky ladies. But sounds like you both deserve it anyway.

  2. two beautiful creations, cannot pick a favourite as they are both wonderful

  3. Lovely gifts, you've spoiled each other. Anni's bag is gorgeous in blue, and the fabrics you chose are really striking.

  4. Cute, cute, cute! I haven't ventured to Instagram yet. Maybe I should go take a look at that.....

  5. Gorgeous sewing case, and filled with lots of lovely goodies too.

  6. I love the blue things you sent to Roslyn.

  7. The carry all that Roslyn has made you is just beautiful. I love the bag you have made for Roslyn too. It looks fantastic in blues.


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