Thursday 4 April 2013

Bon Noel and GDO

I started stitching the April project for the SAL last night
which is the Bon Noel Wall Hanging from Natalie Birds
booklet "Tis the Season" and I have finished putting it together

I love a quick finish.

I have also prepared two more block for the Girls Day Out Quilt.

It is school holidays here in Victoria and I have two sick kids ... yuck
Think I had better go and re dose them up with medication, put on a DVD
and try to sneak back off into my sewing space ..... 2 swap items still 
need some work :o)

Have a great day,
hugs, Sharon


  1. Did you not sleep? Bon Noel looks fabulous. Horrible for the kids to be sick on holidays...hope they get better soon

  2. Bon Noel is the cutest pattern. Lovely finish. Good luck sneaking away.

  3. Eeeeew, sick kids, yucky. Hope they are better soon. Great work- how do you stitch do fast?

  4. You have been a busy bee for sure! Great finish. Sick kids on break...hope you stay well and they recover soon.

  5. Wow, that was quick. It looks great. Hope the kids are feeling better soon.

  6. Beautiful quick finish, love your Christmas wallhanging. Hope the kids get better quick, hugs Wendy

  7. Lovely finish... I am still stitching. love the fabrics yoiu used...
    Hope the children feel better soon... what bad luck to be sick in the holidays!

  8. You are so multi-talented Sharon! Your stitchings and quilts are always gorgeous. Loving the Girls Day Out. A. just got over an ear infection and I just got over a sinus infection so it's all going around over here, too. :/ Hope your kids feel better soon! xoxo

  9. Your hanging is lovely Sharon. I've had Austin sick with food poisoning for the last few days. Not my cooking but a dodgy chicken nugget at his cousin's. He's much better now. Nothing worse than being sick on holidays.

  10. My first visit to your blog Sharon. Love your banner, love your stitcheries. Hope the kids get better soon. Dasha

  11. You totally blow me away with how much you get done! Amazing! Hope your kids feel better soon :)

  12. Grogerous Bon Noel wallhanging sharon

  13. Lovely wall hanging,I do love those stitcheries in T.T.S.
    I really really like the girls day out.
    Hope the kids are soon on the mend.
    Laura xx

  14. Sharon, you are SO amazing !!!!
    I hope your kids are feeling better !

  15. Ohhh NOOOOooooo! Holidays and sick kids DO NOT go together! Good luck with some me time and sewing! :(

  16. Hope the kids are better quickly. Love the hanging and those new blocks look great too.

  17. Hope the kids get better. Wall hanging and blocks look great.


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