Friday 26 April 2013

A new man ... of sorts

"Arthur Cabbage"

I have had a super productive day in the sewing room today.
Arthur has come alive and in record time for me as I only
started him this morning.

He is now keeping "Little Red" company

and they are both being "over seen" by the Robots!

All are designed by the very talented Jodie @ Ric Rac
I think I should now pick another of her characters to add to the mix.

Those with a keen eye might have also noticed that I have added to my cake plate.
Bliss and Vintage Modern Jelly Rolls are my happy mail for today.

Enjoy your Friday,
hugs Sharon


  1. Oh Sharon
    Arthur is adorable. He looks quite at home with Little Red and the robots.

  2. And a handsome fellow he is too!

  3. Arthur is such a character.... love his newspaper print hat...

  4. I'm a big Ric Rac fan, and have my own little shrine happening too, you need a turtle for your collection or even a hedgehog!

  5. He is so cute with his new hat. I love your collection.

  6. Ok I'm officially very envious and about to go write a letter of resignation, so then I can make cute things in a day like you instead of wrangling 8 - 10 year olds. Do I sound like I have a camp hangover? I'm sure I do...

  7. Can't go wrong with Bonnie and Camille fabrics. Arthur is very cute. Hugs.....

  8. I can see a bigger shelf is going to be needed before too long lol

  9. Oh Yummo... your unit looks fantastic... :)

  10. yes he is a very handsome fellow,you are so clever you have the hang of the smaller projects now and ove your unit it looks very nice ,love those fabrics,have fun with them my firend.xx

  11. You were very lucky to find a Bliss jelly roll! Love your new little fella and your bookcase display is gorgeous. I wonder which pattern of Jodie's you'll try next :) Barb.

  12. Wow more beautiful things. Arthur is very cute.


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