Friday 8 March 2013

Retail Therapy - I must be feeling better :o)

 First up I would like to send a big, no huge thank you to everyone
who has sent me well wishes after my last Blog Post.
I am feeling much better today and only have one
injection left to give Glenn a hard time over!
I have not had a chance to reply to all the emails personally
so please accept this as my personal thank you xx

And to prove I'm feeling better I have had a little retail therapy
(all be it online) and created a wish list :o)

These top 4  may just be making their way to me :)
(Can't give too much away in case Glenn reads my Blog!)
and these bottom ones are all available for pre-order so over the next few weeks
they will be making it into my "basket" :o)  They will be nice surprises
arriving in the mail after I have forgot that I have ordered them.
See, told you I was feeling better :o)

 See this last one, Stitch Zakka, it has submissions in it from our own
Aussie Designers Leanne Beasley and Lynette Anderson.
If you want to know more about any of the books I have links in my
side bar and they are all free post - bonus ;o)

Before I go, let me share a photo I took last Friday when going
down to Melbourne for my Pre-Op Appointment.

Lily was very impressed by how close and how big the Aeroplane was.
hugs, Sharon



  1. Hi Sharon, so glad to hear you are feeling a little better. Quilty shopping does wonders for the soul!
    I've been eyeing off that Liberty Love and have been so so tempted, I think I might just have to have it too! I love the look of that Stitch Zakka as well. What's a girl to do??
    Have a lovely day. Take care.
    Therese xx

  2. Hi lovely girl,glad you're feeling a little better.Last injection,now be a good girl for Glenn.
    Enjoy those lovely books that are on their way to you.
    See you back on here very soon,I miss your lovely work.Keep well.
    Laura xx

  3. I am soo glad you are feeling better Sharon, there is nothing like a bit of retail therapy to make you feeling better and have something to look forward too.

  4. So glad you are feeling better. Why is it that retail therapy makes us feel better? Take care. Hugs......

  5. Glad you are on the mend. Retail therapy is great, whether its in person or on the net doesn't matter! Lots of inspiration coming your way soon now!

  6. gotta love books !! did u know there is also another pre order for tilda a new book in may called tildas seaside ideas..hehehehe

    great book may have to check some out .glad your feeling better.hugs xo

  7. love your new book list i have ear marked a couple of those as well,hope you dont mind me copying,lol.

    So glad you are feeling better,just trying to imagine Glenn in a nurses outfit after Sharyn's comment yesterday (no 8) lol,sorry Glenn,keep smiling kiddo and enjoy your online buying,big hugs,xx

  8. Sharon a bit of online shopping is good for the soul... Fishpond is a deadly place, especially with the free shipping, I have made some great purchases there. Take Care x

  9. Books are great therapy. Glad you are feeling better.

  10. Hi, glad that you are feeling better. It is amazing what you can all get done, if you did all that while you are not feeling well you must be unstoppable when you are ok.

  11. Hi Sharon, I'm just catching up on blog reading and so glad to hear that you are on the up after health frights... the books look fantastic....

  12. Glad to hear you're feeling better....nothing beats a little retail therapy to make everything better.Take care of yourself :) Barb.

  13. So sorry you are having this difficult time Sharon but glad you are feeling a little better. Love your loot. Amazing photo. Sending you hugs and healing xxx

  14. Nothing like a bit of on line retail therapy to get you better. Take care;)

  15. have been catching up on your blog, glad to hear you are feeling better, that retail therapy would definitely lift the spirits! Can't wait to see your creations from those inspiring books.

  16. I think it's true, a little retail therapy is very good for your health. Enjoy your books, and make sure Glenn keeps taking good care of you.

  17. Retail therapy is probably the best therapy we can have! I think I have a few of them are on my wishlist too! Glad you are feeling better

  18. So glad to hear you're feeling a bit better, some of the books you have ordered look gorgeous, I may have to check out the links!! Hugs Wendy

  19. Glad you are feeling better. Online shopping is such fun and can be done while recooperating.

  20. So glad you are feeling better. I agree on line retail therapy is so much fun.


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