Sunday 3 February 2013

Crossing over

to the dark side!
Keegan has shown a little interest in Scrapbooking and
 asked Santa or some Scrapbooking supplies
for Christmas and he obliged :)
Problem now is that I am not a "paper craft person" so
in an attempt to be a "good mum" and encourage my
daughters creativity I took myself off to Spotlight
Saturday morning to see if I could find anything
to inspire me to indulge in this craft.
(Yes I know, Keegan got stuff for Christmas and I am only getting
my supplies now, in February).
And in all honesty I did get a little lot side tracked in "other" areas!
Some people might say, just share supplies with Keegan but I
fear that will cause its own problems as Keegan is the
"messy and unorganised" type and I fall very much into the
OCD category!
So here is a snippet of what I picked up for me :)

We had a play yesterday and I have to say, scrapbooking can create more
mess than quilting!

Final count Keegan 3 layouts/pages, me 6.
I can guarantee that they are not very adventurous but I am sure the more
we play, the more we surf the internet, the more creative we will get.

Now, do you scrapbook?
If so, what are the "must have supplies / punches" etc
as I have no real idea of where I should start and
don't have a pocket full of cash to waste on "stuff" we wont really use.

Thanks in advance,
hugs, Sharon


  1. Don't stay over there too long Sharon.......paper craft won't keep you warm at night and we'd miss your quilts.

  2. I scrapbook and must say I do it to a budget. I don't like the idea of spending big $$$ on one page. I have a few flower shaped punches and a couple of edge punches, a small selection of inks for edges of paper, good paper only scissors, steele ruler and a comfortable craft knife. I don't use fancy cutters but I do use circle and oval templates sometimes. You can use ribbons, buttons and lace trims that you might already have too. I do prefer to know that my supplies are acid and lignin free. Kaisercraft are a great range and offer heaps of bling and papers etc at a great price. Have fun!

  3. Good luck with it. I have never done any, so sorry, no advice from me.

  4. I agree with Susan- paper is NOT warm enough for cold winter nights! I like that our fabric crafts are useful as well as beautiful!

  5. oh no not you too,i think more money goes into this than sewing,then you dont get time to play with it cause you are too busy sewing,lolxx

  6. Scrap booking can become addictive Beware!!

  7. A 'must have' for me is a corner rounder punch.

  8. It looks addictive maybe get some alphabet stamps and some paper punches. You can then stamp on fabric too with fabric ink pads.

  9. I have all the tools and lots of embelishments/paper in my stash but haven't scrapbooked in about 2 years. Not much time means I prefer to sew. I like to use bazzil cardstock and a few patterned and simple embelishments like brads, buttons and eyelets. It's nice to dabble in different crafts though.
    Cath @ Bits 'n Bobs

  10. Definitely not a scrapbook person. Would love to but have too many irons in the fire already. Hugs......

  11. Lol! Dangerous territory there Sharon *wink*!! I was/am a scrapbooker, though I haven't done many pages in the last year or so. I was actually a Creative Memories consultant for a couple of years there, and stocked up on pretty much every product I fell in love with at the time (which was about 90% of the catalogue, lol ... great consultant discounts meant that much of my money was going towards supplies!!) I now have as much product as I could use over many many years, including about 8-10 brand-new-haven't-opened/started albums, with all the coordinating papers/collections etc that I could ever want to use in these albums. The last year or so though, I have really only dived in there to make cards ...
    I think the main items I, personally, use when I'm scrapbooking or making cards would have to be ...
    - a good rotary trimmer with at least a straight-edge blade (and maybe a couple of fancy blades, though don't go crazy here);
    - a few punches (circles with plain and/or scalloped edges, and a few flower shapes ... you can pretty much draw & cut by hand most other shapes. These I find are look best when they're a uniform shape/size - though that could be just me, lol!);
    - a range of photo mounting supplies ... tape runner (a MUST for me!!), foam adhesive squares ... make sure these are acid & lignin free (well, ALL products you use in your albums) !!
    - tearing tools give papers an interesting effect ... though, with OCD tendencies this may be too much to handle, lol! *wink*;
    - a range of cardstock & papers ... even if you don't have a lot in the way of embellishments, you can still create some stunning looks with some imaginative ingenuity and papers.
    My most important tip would be to start small ... and work up from there :) As retdairyqueen said, it can be very addictive!! ... That said, enjoy your new craft adventure!! You never know what you might come up with - or what new quilting ideas it might inspire, lol! Hugs!!

  12. Ive scrapped and made cards for many years(jack of all trades master of bloody none).I think a good paper trimmer is a must.Just like cutting fabric,if its not straight it's a mess.Plenty of card and paper and most of all imagination .(and you Sharon have that in abundance )...
    As Larissa says,you must ensure you buy the right card stock ,must be acid and lignin free,(or your photos will fade) .
    Have fun Sharon and Keegan,be warned it can become very addictive .As with any new hobby ,you will collect bits as you go along.A few embellishments here and there,and glitter (I'm the glitter queen in my family just ask my girls)
    Enjoy.Laura xx
    Ps don't use wet glue...very messy.
    Double sided tape,is what I use.

  13. I've always avoided scrap booking. I hear it is very addictive!

  14. so great to do something with Keegan..... I don't scrap book.. best I don't go there....

  15. I'm sure you'll get plenty of advice... all I can say is EnJoY! I know you'll be good at it! :)

  16. The dark side is fun though!lol! I am a newbie to scrapping and this is a great post...have been wondering what the experts would say are the 'must have basic tools' as it can get pretty expensive! But I did just buy myself a vintage typewriter on eBay too! He he!


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