Sunday 6 January 2013

Sunday Sewing = Flimsy

It is amazing how a few posts on Instgram by  Megan, Brenda and Rita 
late last year and one hash tag can really take off.
I find myself reaching for the Ipad just to check out the hash tag
to see what everyone has been up to
I am excited to say that my scrap boxes are a little lighter now
and I have completed 36 blocks!
I did find putting these blocks together a little challenging.
The construction was easy, it was the fabric selection I struggled with.
I think I can do scraps and Rainbow but struggle with "Scrappy Scraps"
if you know what I mean. They scare scared me.
I gave up laying all the blocks out and seeing my progress
 as I was not liking what I saw. I just gave in to random selection,
made the blocks and hoped that in the end I would
have the look I was after .....
 Scrappy and not to much yuck factor.
So what do you think?

I think, I like it a LOT :)

But what to use as a Backing and the binding?
I'm thinking a solid,
Need to think about this for a bit more though so for now
it is now off to hang with some other Flimsy's.
So that was this mornings sewing, as for the afternoon.
Here is a hint :o)
and I am using a decorative stitch.
Something I've not done before
Am I mad?
Possibly :o)

If you would like to see snippets of my sewing on
Instagram, search for   lilabellelane

Enjoy what's left of your weekend.
hugs, Sharon


  1. You should be very proud of yourself Sharon, your quilt is amazing and you made it so quicky. I love it. Well done.

  2. love it Shaz its awesome and to think it is out of scraps ,well done,i would go a solid for the backing as it is a very busy pattern.xx

  3. Love it! I was thinking the fabric in your last pictures would make a great backing for the Scrappy Tripalong! Whatever you decide, it will be fantastic!

  4. I love your Trip along quilt Sharon - so bright and colourful!

  5. You've been busy for a Sunday! Great work! :)

  6. Great work. It's amazing how truly scrappy scraps can come together. You'll have lots of quilting to do in winter.

  7. So very pretty....I love it.
    Cath @ Bits 'n Bobs

  8. Absolutely gorgeous as usual.
    All those lovely bright colours .
    Love Laura.xx

  9. your randomness is wonderful. A fantastic flimsy.

  10. OMG I love the finished quilt top Sharon! It is delightfully happy & bright. Tracee xx

  11. It's FAB-U-LOUS!!! I'm so tempted to try making one of my own but the fabric placement thing scares me too. Think I'm going to have to check out the instructions! :o))

  12. I LOVE it! You have done a fantastic job of colour selection. I am so far resisting joining in, but my resolve gets weaker with each new Instagram pic ;) Keep up the great work!

  13. How on earth do you get so much sewing done with young children? I can't wait to see then finished product.

  14. love love love the scrappy quilt... you are an inspiration...

  15. I love your scrappy quilt. You have done an awesome job.

  16. It's really lovely Sharon, definitely has no yuck factor!! Your new project looks interesting, hugs Wendy

  17. Absolutely gorgeous scrappy quilt Sharon

  18. ! I agree this design is all about contrast. Yours is gorgeous!


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