Wednesday 23 January 2013

Lime Sherbet

Designer Mystery BOM
Block 8 arrived in the mail yesterday
This one is called "Lime Sherbet" 
and it is designed by both Bonnie and Camille
so it almost has to be the best block so far! :o)

As you can see I have been able to get two blocks made again this month.

New Pincushion

Whilst Blog surfing on Monday I saw a pincushion in a picture frame
so now I have my own :)  Super easy to make. I just made a cushion,
pushed it through the frame and put the back on and it was done.
Who would have thought that a pin cushion that stands up is so convenient to use.

Arriving in the mail this week is my "Little Red" Kit from Ballarat Patchwork.

I am looking forward to making her.

Shez, if you are ever in there and see that they have any other 
of Jodie's Patterns kitted up please let me know :o)

Have a great day,
Hugs Sharon


  1. More gorgeous things in this post. Your pin cushion is very clever and that new block is beautiful. I love all of Jodi's patterns.

  2. Lovely blocks Sharon. I can't wait for this years new BOM to start.

  3. What a clever idea for a pincushion! Perfect!

  4. Clever pin can NeVeR have too
    Love your block too! :)

  5. such pretty blocks and I love the pincushion..... I have a couple of sweet little frames that would be perfect... thanks for the idea

  6. You are amazing with everything you get done. Little Red is cute. Is she the kind with granny and the wolf underneath?

  7. Little Red is very cute. Great idea for the pin cushion.

  8. will do Shaz i will check just before our bloggers meet for your blocks ,they look so fresh,the fabric is beautiful,well done,love the pin cushion and love the 10 other things you are ,making(you know what i mean) doing well kiddo,enjoy your day my friend.xx

  9. Your blocks are lovely . Mind you anything Bonnie and Camille design is always beautiful. The pincushion idea is fantastic. Got lots of frames in the cupboard. Hugs....

  10. very pretty blocks. that is a fantastic idea for a pin cushion! Love it.
    look forward to seeing your little red made up, so cute.

  11. Gorgeous blocks and little red is going to be beautiful.

  12. Gorgeous block s...I love the pincushion. What a great idea.

  13. I love your pin cushion, Sharon, and your block is soo cute! Love the dots you used, too. :) Can't wait to see your Red. I have made her Ruben pattern and loved it!

  14. Clever way to make a pin cushion must give it a go sometime.Love your blocks and Red is gorgeous,hope we don't have to wait too long to see her make an appearance :) Barb.

  15. Gee you are quick, my lime sherbert arrived today, and that is earmarked as a sewing job for the weekend. Clever pin cushion.

  16. Your new blocks look great Sharon. How fantastic an idea is the pincushion in the photo frame

  17. Love the pincushion - did your other one ever turn up? Love the block - I have signed up for the next mystery BOM, can't wait!

  18. Lovely block,that means mine will be here soon.
    I love the pin cushion,very clever idea.
    Love Laura xx


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