Wednesday 16 January 2013

Downton anyone?

Downton Abbey that would be.
When the series first came out I was not interested
but in the last week I have sat and watched it all.
Very addictive :o)

These days though, I don't seem to be able to just sit and watch,
my hands need to be doing something.
So first up it was Dresden plates from the left overs
of my Merry Merry Snowman Quilt.

Next up it was a little work on Block 1 of  "Girls Day Out".

A trip to Spotlight last week allowed me to find some
 backing fabric for my Vignette Quilt.
I had plans to hand quilt it. Now the Hand Quilting is going to be in
conjunction with a little machine quilting.

This was not meant to happen though :(

and it was not going to stop me!

And a little update on my DIY Table.
I  L O V E it. Best decision ever to have Glenn cut onto it :)
It makes quilting so much easier now and I am pleased
that I no longer need to wrestle that clear extension table.

Now I have finished Downton Abbey I am into the Australian Open.
This time with "Tail Feathers"

How do you spend your time in front if the T.V. ?

hugs, Sharon


  1. You're so busy !!! It's amazing !!

  2. Like you I have to stay busy with some stitching. Although I don't tend to sit and watch TV just a movie here and there. Hubby LoVes his sport so I sew or use the lap top in the same room. Perhaps when he doesn't notice I slip away
    You've been super busy!!! :)

  3. My time in front of the tv is exactly the same as yours, I cant just sit and watch, I need to be stiching or knitting.

  4. Like you if I don't ave anything in my hands I am lost. It is sometimes hand stitching or my iPad reading my blogs.

  5. I never got into Downton Abbey either but if I can get as much done as you have while watching it I need to order the box set! Some gorgeous stitching you have going on there. In my economy drive I just cancelled our sports channel subscription... wish I hadn't now. I love tennis. Hope you get lots more done.... watching Andy Murray win the Open! ;o)
    p.s. hope your foot is better soon!

  6. love downtown abby too Shaz,good heavens was all this in one day,lots of beautiful projects on the go there,the applique is on now for my 1st block of girls day out.xx

  7. Yes, I am also totally hooked on Downton Abbey ... but I can't just sit there, I have to stitch as well :-) This way things are still acheived :-)
    Happy stitching, P

  8. I'm the same,I have to be doing something.At the moment it's needle turn,trying to get better at it ,lol.Mind you,my pup Lilly is not happy about it,constantly trying to get on my lap.xx

  9. Welcome to the hyperactive sewing club. I can't watch tv without some stitching. I get in trouble for having my light on during movies, but I am a hopeless addict. Love your projects, the hard part would be choosing which one to work on next.

  10. Wow Sharon. You have been constructive. Yes I have that fidget hands syndrome too. Currently my hands are having to update my blog and 'file' my christmas cards, but we are getting there.
    Thanks for sharing. (I love Downton too)

  11. Definitely a fan....I have just recently bought Series 3 so can't wait to watch it.
    Lots of lovely stitching.

  12. Well you know...I can't drag Button away. We are in the middle of Season 3, episode 1 right now. He asked me to finish it tomorrow when he is off from school ;)

  13. You got so much done Sharon. You need to write a book on time management. I would definitely buy it. All lovely work. Hugs....

  14. Oh good, more Tail Feathers. I'm the same, if I don't stitch or knit while watching TV I will fidget & wander off. Downton is very addictive. Enjoy! Tracee xx

  15. I always need something to hand stitch while watching TV. I'm working on the "Wish" quilt. I'm really interested in your "Girls Night Out" project, who's pattern is it?

  16. It's amazing how much you achieve and everything is wonderful.

  17. I love to hand stitch in front of the telly.
    Love all the progress on your projects!

  18. Lots happening at your place...all gorgeous stuff...

  19. Lol I do the same as you watching telly. You are so productive though Sharon - I didn't get into Downton Abbey during the 1st season either, but got into the second, so will have to buy the first season too

    1. OMG! Dowton Abbey - I just can't get enough of it so I ordered season 3 and watched the whole lot in a couple of days. I have also just ordered the Christmas special, so now I think I own them all. I am like you though, generally I stitch and sew with a movie or t.v. series going in the back ground. Sadly though I am not as productive as you.

  20. I hans sew...EPP at the moment. Can I ask where you got the tail feathers button in your side bar?

  21. Oh definitely sewing or similar. Didn't watch Downton first time round but have them all now and re-watch them occasionally too. Along with Larkrise to Candleford and a few other favourites.

  22. Oh I was exactly like you with no interest in the series when it first came out. Then I got the first series cheap at the DVD library and was hooked. Mind you it was the first thing I have watched in a long time, and then skipped every third episode as I thought there was only two per disk!! no wonder it seemed a little disjointed. So I ordered series one and two on 1 Dec for my mum for xmas (with the intention of looking at series 2 myself) and it only arrived last week. looking forward to it. Anyway, love your quilting work. So productive. not sure how or when you find time with four children!! I have three that keep me very very busy!


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