Tuesday 4 December 2012

Sewing, yes there has been some

You might be mistaken by thinking that there is no sewing happening
 here at the moment with all the swap posts but I assure you there has.
 Here are some snippets
(via Instagram - lilabellelane)
of what I have been up to in the last week.

I grabbed this canvas out, I had no real plans but knew it would be rainbow based
 and ended up with this.

A new "artwork" for Lily's room.

I also worked on these.

I made these Christmas cut outs about 5 years ago and decided to
Dig them out of the shed this year ;)

Might go and buy some lights for the front of the house :o)

 And at the weekend I felt like sewing and sew I did!
Tail Feathers
Yep I pieced the blocks for Tail Feathers and I am rather
"chuffed" with my efforts :o)
I have no plans to stitch them just yet as I am trying to get the last panel of
my Vignette Mystery Quilt done.
It is happening, just really s l o w l y.
Hugs, Sharon


  1. Tail feathers is looking great and I love those xmas cutouts! The art work for Miss Lily looks fantastic too.

  2. Tails Feather looks like a cute quilt. Lilys artwork looks gorgeous, maybe a quilt too match lol

  3. Aaaww - the bunting canvas is so sweet! :D

  4. love the tail feathers ... and lily's new artwork is fantastic.. what a great idea...

  5. Love the bunting canvas ! You have a very tidy work space!

  6. You have been busy Sharon. Everything looks wonderful.

  7. Wow, you have been busy, I love your art work canvas, very clever.

  8. OMG girl you are a machine,and also so inspireing well done,love your posts.xx

  9. You always get so much done! I don't know how you do it but definitely keep it up! Love the canvas and the quilt's looking fantastic as always! :)

  10. The Tail feathers is looking great. I love the way you have balanced the colours of the frames over the quilt ☺

  11. As lovely as swaps are it's nice to get back to other stitching. Lily's wall hanging is so pretty.

  12. All lovely as usual,you must be superwoman you get so much done in a few days.
    Laura xx

  13. Love the canvas you made, it looks wonderful. The tail feathers quilt looks gorgeous too.


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