Wednesday 12 December 2012

My New "Stella" Bag

Do you remember me buying these fabrics?
My magnetic clasps eventually arrived yesterday so there was no stopping me.
(They have taken a long slow boat from china to get here)
I now have a new Bag and I L O V E it.
It is "The Stella Bag" and the pattern can be purchased here
of you are interested.

I have used Japanese Kokka Echino Fabric and a co-ordinating solid.
I also added a pocket to the inside because lets face it,
what's a bag without a pocket :o)

Glenn got me a smart phone a little while back so I find these
days I don't actually carry a purse anymore as my ATM cards and
my licence are in the "cover thingie" for the phone. 
Which leads me to my next little make, a coin purse,
a "flex frame coin purse" to be exact. So super easy to make.

now all I need to a little wallet to hold all those pesky reward
cards and I am set.  If you know of any good patterns please fell free to let me know.

Until next time "Happy Shopping"
hugs, Sharon


  1. Yes that's the new way...carry it all in one place in a phone wallet. Love the bag though for ...well ... just in
    Merry Christmas :)

  2. You are such a clever girl. Great bag and purse, in such gorgeous fabric. Aren't flex frames great.

  3. I love it,it's gorgeous.... Erm do you ever sleep.....

  4. Sharon .......lovely bag! Google the wallet for your reward cards.......there are heaps out there!

  5. very clever... lovely bag .... and I do think you have an awesome model....

  6. Keegan you make a great model love,well done Shaz it looks fantastic and i just love that fabric,i will email you a free tutoral for a card wallet.xx

  7. Beautiful bag - love the Echino! Here are a few ideas for the reward card holder:

  8. There's no stopping you now! gorgeous bag :) Barb.

  9. Gorgeous bag and accessories. Declan's quilt has come together well too.

  10. Just love your new bag Sharon

  11. Absolutely splendid !!!

  12. Gorgeous bag Sharon, it looks great on your lovely young model!

  13. what a gorgeous bag! Love the fabric!


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