Thursday 13 December 2012


Has seriously gone missing for this one.
I have now laid my Vignette Quilt out on the floor in an attempt
to kick myself into gear and get it finished.
My theory is that I will get sick of walking around it and
just do it. Fingers crossed.
I seem to have misplaced the last applique pieces so I am in the process
of prepping them again.  Still have the stitching to do. I am getting there slowly.
Do you feel like hearing a little story?
(I am loving this Ballet Photo at the moment)
My mum came for a visit yesterday. I have been telling her that Lily has
an imaginary friend, Amy. My Mum keeps telling me that Amy will just go away
one day. Nope not here. Amy now brings a friend with here, Annabelle.
So at random times Amy comes to "visit" and sometimes brings Annabelle.
This is fine, I can handle this, but yesterday, when we were out shopping
(My Mum, Lily and myself) Amy "appeared". We were in Harvey Norman.
All was going fine. Lily was walking, holding Amy's hand but when we went to
leave Lily informed us that Amy was not with us and she (Lily) had to go get her.
I tried to tell Lily that Amy was waiting in the car but to no avail.
My Mum humours Lily and goes back in store and Lily runs off to the other end of
 the store with my mum following.
I go back in to see what is taking them so long to see my mum standing there
with a perplexed salesman. I can hear the conversation as my mum
 is telling him what Lily is doing. I lost it! 
Here is mum explaining "Amy" to the salesman and how "Amy" is in store somewhere
 as Lily comes walking back
"I've go her Nanny, we can go now"
The poor salesman was trying really hard not to laugh and here is me,
hiding behind a dinning setting laughing and loosing it totally
when my mum turns and tells the salesman that the giggling lady over there is the Mum (me).
I wonder if my mum still thinks that "Amy" and "Annabelle" are a passing phase :)
On the up side, at least I didn't sit on Amy yesterday and we didn't leave her in the car!
Hope you have a good giggle in your day.
I wonder what will today bring?
hugs, Sharon


  1. lol sounds like our Grace but we had animals as well. At one stage we had five horses living in the house thanks to saddle club lol. The really disturbing thing though was when Grace handed dad something and he thought it was a pretend sandwich at the tea party and of course ate it. Tears for ages because dad ate her kitten! Yikes. Grace was only two at the time but the friends and fairies continued until she started school and then we only had good fairies and bad fairies for a little while after that. They can certainly be funny.

  2. Oh I hope you get tired of walking around your Vignette - it really will be lovely!!! Gosh none of my kids ever had an imaginary friend - what a 'situation' - glad your shopping trip ended ok in the end!!

  3. What a great story.... you will have to keep that in mind for older celebrations....
    You will find your missing applique as soon as you have done the new one I expect... that quilt is so gorgeous...

  4. Hurry and get fed up of walking round the quilt.I would love to see it finished.Its beautiful so far.
    Lily's photo is lovely, a beautiful little girl.
    Bri thinks I have an imaginary friend,either that or I have lost the plot,as I am always talking to myself,lol.
    Hugs Laura x

  5. lol,thats so funny Sharon,what a charactor miss Lily is,enjoy your day my friend.xx

  6. Such a gorgeous story about Lily's 2 friends. You are so close to finishing that quilt Sharon, C'mon you can do it.

  7. lol!!! Kids are awesome, especially smart, creative ones like your Lily. :)

    Hey - you're soooo close on that quilt top. Soooo close. If I can push myself through the doldrums to finish up my Wild Rose Cottage BOM flimsy, you can pull this one off! Let's see it finished on BOMs Away by year's end. ;D

  8. I understand how you feel about the Vignette, there is such a lot of stitching. I hope to get back to mine in the new year. Such a cute story, I had a good chuckle, hugs Wendy

  9. Lovely story, one of my boys had an imaginary friend. We just went along with it until one day she left town. So much work in your quilt, but it's nearly finished. Come on, you can do it!

  10. what a funny story.
    Your quilt is so amazing, I hope the stamina kicks in for you to finish it!

  11. Lily will probably turn into a famous writer one day! She has quite the imagination I think. Nothing wrong in that!
    Funny story though... :)

  12. Totally in tears, laughing so hard!!!


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