Tuesday 11 December 2012

Urban Grunge

Declyn has a flimsy!
"Urban Grunge"
As it turned out it wasn't as bad to piece as I had thought,
well that was once I started piecing from the bottom and not the top.
Guess it pays to read the instructions :-s

I am was still undecided if I am was piecing the back or if he is was getting a cushion.
Most likely a pieced back.  Then late last night I started playing and he
ended up with a pieced back  :)
I am rather pleased with it considering it was just 5 random left over pieces
 sewn together (the edges), sliced, flipped and sewn to the centre panel.
Yes a total coincidence that I had corners to match up.
I don't like my chances of that ever happening again!
Now it is off to be hung in the Walk in Robe until after Christmas as I
still have some Christmas Shopping to do so no spare funds for the batting just yet.
Declyn is also playing with an idea for something in the centre above.
I will let you know what he decides, when he decides.
Plans for today? Sewing something for me.
Hugs, Sharon


  1. It looks wonderful - love the way you have pieced the back too!

  2. It looks great Sharon, and must have been quick to sew.......or do you not sleep? I am working on a similar style quilt for my nephew, it's a good style for boys. Enjoy your day of sewing.

  3. Love the flimsy! The pattern is perfect for that fabric!

  4. great flimsie! It has turned out great.
    Love your christmas decorating. All those beautiful quilts are amazing.

  5. Oh well done Sharon... it looks awesome and the pieced back is perfect.... how amazing to get exact corners... I can't even do that when I'm trying!!!! haha...

  6. OMG you are amazing you just started this,what a great boys quilt,well done and love the fabric you chose.xx

  7. WOw you had talent you didn't know about... great pieced matched back! Your sons quilt will be perfect for a young man. Merry Christmas :)

  8. Wow, your quilt turned out beautiful Sharon, the pieced backing looks excellent, its like having a reversible quilt. You sure are quick, pop over and help me with a few of my projects when you get time. lol

  9. It's great Sharon,you got it done super fast,you make my head spin.
    Definately something for you now,you deserve it.xx


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