Wednesday 21 November 2012

"Mix It Up!!!"

Last week I received a lovely email from
asking if I could Pattern test a block I had admired on her blog.
Of course I would and thank you for the opportunity Kelli   :)
Here is my experience with her new pattern
Pattern and instructions printed.

Pattern cut and all the pieces are clearly labelled on the pattern.

I then prepared the pieces.
Super quick with a fabric Glue Pen.

I laid them all out and I was ready to go
I even incorporated a selvage :)
I then sat down and hand stitched all the pieces together and
ended up with this ... WOW, I love how this has come together.
I can see many more being made in many different colours.

I would love a real Aqua KitchenAid but I can't see one coming to live with
me anytime soon so maybe I could make myself one instead :)
My verdict
The pattern is very well written and easy to understand.
The block came together very well and with no troubles
and I am super happy with the end result.
If you would like to have a go at Kelli's new pattern
she has it listed over on Craftsy for $2.50 so go grab yours now
and support Kelli's first pattern release :o)
Thank you again Kelli for allowing me to test your pattern.
I will be turning my block into an oven mitt very soon.
hugs, Sharon


  1. Cute block. Love the use of the selvedge.

  2. What a great pattern ... you did a great job Sharon ;-)
    I envy you being able to paper piece - it drives me to distraction LOL ;-)

  3. very cute block Shaz and you made it up beautifully,well done both to you and Kelli.xx

  4. I saw that on Kelli's blog.. you have done a great job... how fun...

  5. that is gorgeous, I love my Yellow Pepper KitchenAid. What a great idea to use it as an oven mitt.

  6. Thank you so much Sharon, for taking the time to try it out for me! Yours turned out so gorgeous, you are a wonderful hand stitcher!! And what's this fabric glue pen that you speak of..I think I've been hiding under a rock.. need to get one of those asap! lol Can't wait to see your block turned into a mitt! :) xo

  7. Amoooo costura a mão,você foi muito bem,parabéns.

  8. I'd seen this block over at Kelli's. I love how you've made a red one. If I was ever lucky enough to get a Kitchenaid, it would be red!

  9. Very cute block,especially with the selvedge added. Hugs....

  10. I love this - the fabric and the real version. (none yet in my house!).

  11. Yeah, I'd love a real one too! lol Love yours & love the selvedge addition. Very clever!

  12. wow how awesome is that block!


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