Thursday 22 November 2012

Hand quilting and hand stitching

Oh my, please don't be telling me that the " hand quilting bug"
is biting. I attached the borders to my
Merry Merry Snowman Quilt, basted it, added some
Machine quilting then before I knew it I was adding
Some hand quilting as well. Oh my,
what have I started?

Still very much a WIP but I do hope to have it finished
To go on the wall this Festive Season.

I have also started my last panel on my
Vignette Mystery Quilt.

Today Lily and I are baking.
So far, 3 dozen chic chip muffins.
Hopefully some can make it into the freezer before
The others get home from school.

And of course Lily's favourite part.

Have a great afternoon,
Hugs, Sharon


  1. Hand & machine quilting - gosh nothing beats you Sharon. I am so happy those patterns are coming to live at my place! I always loved licking the beaters when my mum or Aunty baked, what a treat & cake batter is so yummy. It must be fun having that little treasure at home with you, pity they grow up so fast. Tracee xx

  2. That looks so good, the two quilting styles combined. So does the beater. :D

  3. great fabric choices Sharen in your 1st pic and my grandies love licking the beater too they fight over who is going to lick them,lol.xx

  4. Good luck getting those choc chip muffins to the freezer, if it's anything like my house.

  5. I love the extra touch of hand quilting... it will make it gorgeous.... such a lovely helper you have in the kitchen....

  6. Lily is beautiful! And hand stitching is very addictive! Watch out!

  7. A little hand quilting is beautiful on a quilt, it's looking really good. And what childhood is complete with a lick of the beater? Yum!

  8. Your hand stitching is looking beautiful. Very addicting.

  9. Lily is so lovely. And your work looks good.
    Liebe Grüße Grit

  10. Gorgeous sewing. Adorable Lily

  11. your quilting looks beautiful and really enhances the look. My Lily was doing exactly the same thing today!

  12. You make me laugh Sharon, you are throwing all the types of quilting into this project!
    I will stick to machine quilting my stuff for now, but at least I know where to send mine if I want hand quilting, accompanied by a cheque of course!

  13. Such a cute picture. I do hope some got to the freezer lol. Also hope the concert went well and I do remember all the hard work it takes to get one classical student ready for her concerts. Our old school used to do 4 concerts and rehearsals used to run twice a week for two weeks plus I was always there with hair and dress duties for about 40 other girls lol. Grace doesnt do it anymore but 8 years makes for a very long time lol.

  14. Gorgeous sewing, you are doing so well keeping up with the Vignette quilt! Love the photos of Lily, too cute. Wendy xx


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