Friday 23 November 2012

Hairspray - check

Bobby Pins - Check
Costumes - Check
It is Concert time!
Official Ballet and Jazz lessons for the year have finished and it is time
for the end of year concert .... the excitement is building :)
We have rehearsals this afternoon which means two separate trips into town
(a 40 min return trip) and then full dress rehearsals tomorrow (more car time)
and finally the concert tomorrow night.
Exciting :)
So between hair and makeup I don't see too much time for sewing before Sunday
but I am super excited to see both my girls on stage , yes proud mummy here!
hugs, Sharon


  1. Working two very different styles there....have fun girls.

  2. have a great night girls and you both look fantastic,take lots of pics if you are allowed Shaz.xx

  3. Oh it takes me right back Sharon. I spent many years doing the same right up until my girl was 19 yes 19! I loved it. Your little dancer is such a sweet. Enjoy it all as it just flies by.

  4. Have a great time girls,enjoy yourselves.You both look gorgeous.x

  5. and they both look absolutely gorgeous... all the best to all of you for a fantastic weekend...

  6. loved it when my girls danced and they were on stage! Hope all the rehersals and concert goes off without a hitch

  7. Looks like the girls are loving their costumes. Our dress rehearsal is on Sunday then two more lessons and two concerts on the following Saturday.

  8. The girls look gorgeous & hope you all have a great time at the concert, both preformers & proud parents! Tracee xx

  9. the kids just love getting all dressed up for the concerts.......ours concert is on this weekend.........


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