Wednesday 14 November 2012

A new Christmas tradition?

I found this idea online so thought I would also share it here.
Wrap up twenty-five children's books
and put them under the tree with a
special blanket quilt next to them.
Before bed each evening,
your kids choose one book to open
 and read together until Christmas.
 Love it!
I wish that I had seen this idea earlier as I would have loved to
 have had a bit more time to go and purchased some new books.
Maybe I could just go and wrap some books that Lily hasn't
had read to her for a while and throw in the occasional new one.
I see a new Christmas tradition beginning in our house this year :o)
Do you have any traditions or seen any other great ideas you would like to share?
Post them and let me know and I will pop on over and take a look.
hugs, Sharon


  1. It is a beautiful idea Sharon, and I'm sure Miss Lily will be thrilled with it. Wish I had discovered it when my boys were little.

  2. Such a lovely idea - my kids are too old for this now, but I will pass it on to others with young children, and keep it in mind for my grandchildren one day:)

  3. Its a fantastic idea and Im sure Miss Lily will love it! I would wrap up some of her favourites as well - always a nice surprise

  4. This idea is going into my nanna chest. Thanks for sharing~I love it! One of my fav traditions in our house is the opening of sacks...YES my three (6 with partners))still get sacks (lol) and it's just as much fun now as it was when they were children watching them go thru all the items. :)

  5. What a wonderful idea Sharon, and i bet you if you start reading all your children not only Miss Lilly will be there to listen.

  6. Sharon what a fantastic idea,i love it,how special is that,hey.xx

  7. I love this idea too. We have a tradition of going outside on Christmas Eve and waving sparklers to let Santa know where we live. Sam now does it with his children.

  8. A fantastic idea I too found it on Pinterest and saved it for later on when I have grandies xxx

  9. I love this idea, Ive told my daughter so my grandson can experience it..wonderful!!

  10. What a brilliant idea! Now I need some children to share it with....

  11. This is a lovely idea. Books are such great bedtime companions even for us oldies. I will pass this idea on to my daughter

  12. What a great idea. The tradition we have is that everyone gets new PJ's for Christmas Eve and when we come home from mass on Christmas Eve night we all get into our new PJ's and we get to open our own Kris Kindle presents.


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