Friday 30 November 2012

10 Quilts Down!

This is my 10th Quilt finished this year!
Please allow me to "show off" my
Merry Merry Snowmen Quilt

I fell in love with this Quilt the moment I first saw it and
I am super excited to have if finished and up on the
wall before December 1st.

Quilt Stats
Merry Merry Snowmen
Designed by Anne Sutton for Bunny Hill Designs
Fabrics - French Generals' Rounneries Deux
Finished Size - 62" x 66"
This is my second large Christmas Quilt.
You can see the other off to the right of the photo above.
I don't "technically" need another Christmas Quilt.
After all I do live in Australia and the temperature
usually hovers around the 40deg mark at Christmas BUT
if I see another I like I am sure I will be tempted again :o)
That leaves another project box empty but don't worry it wont be
empty for too long :o)
Thank you for sharing the journey of this quilt with me.
If you are interested in making this one the Fat Quarter Shop
do have some kits left HERE.
hugs, Sharon


  1. It's beautiful Sharon, and a well timed finish. It looks great on the wall, what did you use to hang it?

  2. Bravo for your finish !! The quilt is splendid !!

  3. Wonderful work and what an achievement for the year 10 quilts wow.

  4. It's finished up just gorgeous... love it lots.... doing Christmas quilts has nothing to do with needing does it??? I'm also interested in how you hang your quilt... especially considering the size of it ..

  5. Beautiful!!! Even if we don't need another Christmas quilt, It's fun having one that is so pretty!

  6. It's gorgeous Sharon. You did a wonderful job too. Looks like the other one is fabulous too! Brings a smile to my face just looking at them! :)

  7. It's so pretty! And looks GREAT up there, especially with another one on the other wall. We just moved from Florida, and it was always so hot there for Christmas (not like for you, tho!), that I just had to surround us with snowmen everywhere to make it feel more Christmasy. You can never have too many Christmas wall quilts!

  8. Shaz i really love this one,what a wonderful job you have done of it,boy 10 this year you are amazing my friend.xx

  9. Well done Sharon, it's amazing. I don't know how you do it with 4 kids! 10 quilts!! It's lovely to see something so Xmassy looking despite our horrid heat. Bring back winter!
    Love it, well done.
    Therese xx
    (p.s I sent through an email a few days ago, I hope it eventually went through this time!)

  10. Thank you for sharing...your quilt is Wonderful! I caught a wee bit of it the other day when you mentioned sewing on 'buttons' - I had to go looking...found and ordered the pattern - I have a dear friend who is in love with snowmen - I hope it will be her Christmas gift NEXT year...thanks for the inspiration!

  11. It doesn't matter that it's hot here in AUS for Christmas, and a snowman would meet his demise!
    Sharon this is just amazing, so beautifully done, what a wonderful feature for your Festive home.
    Congrats and THANK YOU for sharing your Merry Merry journey with your readers...
    I have no doubt that the project box will have contents very soon, LOL

  12. Absolutely beautiful Sharon, well done,

  13. It is stunning Sharon. 10 quilts, that is an awesome feat, I bet you've got another one in you before the end of the year!!

  14. Its gorgeous and what a wonderful achievement for the year 10 quilts! well done!!

  15. Well done on finishing 10 quilts in a year. One of my goals this year has been to improve my turnover rate and I have but I'm not up to 10 yet! Good on ya!

  16. SUch a beautiful quilt. Who could resist such a beautiful Christmas design.

  17. Congrats on your 10th finish Sharon! It's a great one! You did a super job as usual. Have a Happy Day! :)

  18. Love your Merry Merry snowman quilt sharon - great effort to have it finished for xmas


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