Friday 19 October 2012

Wine before lunch?

I have a few minutes spare so I thought I would try some FMQ
on a little Christmas gift. Practicing on scraps it looks alright
But as soon as I get out a finished item to do it real I tense up.

Every tutorial I have read or watched all seem to suggest having a wine
and turning the music up to help relax.

Well the music is up and although I know that it is 5pm somewhere in the world
I won't be going near the wine (yet!) . . . .it's not even lunch time yet.

Anyone have any other suggestions?

Oh, and yes the thread was missing from my photo
Yesterday as I thought it to uninspiring to be included but today,
Here it is ;)

The before and rather sad and empty bobbin box.

And after

Looking much better :)

OK. Off now to try again.
Enjoy your Friday,
Hugs, Sharon


  1. Lol it's never too early for wine xxxx or Try Bourbon ? Seriously though I know what you mean I am exactly the same.


    Fee x

  2. you can do it Sharon,i know you can,just pretend each piece is a practice piece,its in the head,you can do it,go for it girl.xx

  3. Sharon, stay away from the wine when you are sewing! I have no idea about all this, but perhaps you could start by FMing smaller finished items to build a bit of confidence. You are so skilled in so many ways, I'm sorry this is holding you back... x

  4. Lol! You can do this Sharon!! Do you have another favourite drink - maybe something fizzy you could add to a wine glass for the illusion? LOL! Music is always good - and making sure you are sitting high enough for you to still be able to relax your shoulders!! ... I like Shez's idea of pretending each piece is a practice piece - also, start out slow and only start to up the speed once you feel comfortable. Once you find that rhythm you'll do great!!! ... Also, get up every so often for a walk around and shoulder / neck shake - especially when you feel like the stitches are starting to get lazy :)
    You can you this!! Hugs!

  5. I'm sure you'll get there in the's nearly 5 o'clock! Lovely neat threads.

  6. I chew gum as it stops me from clenching my teeth together... someone suggested it to me and it works for me.. nothing worse than tightness when FMQ. :)

  7. Don't forget to breathe!
    Oh and drop your shoulders and just relax! What's the worst that will don't answer that!

  8. I'm wondering how it all went...its after 5pm now! Will a wine help now?! Sorry, I have no suggestions either!

  9. You know what Sharon,I just go ,and think what the heck.I do have a huge pot of sweeties next to my machine though.Ive only just started FMQ myself,I've tried going fast and I've tried going slow...
    I make lots of little mistakes,and break all the rules ,but each quilt I do gets a little better.
    So keep going lovely girl,you of all people will master it,and hey if wine helps ....go on.xx

  10. I swear by the information on this web site - she uses a Janome and I'm guessing you do too, it looks a lot like my machine from your photo
    Hope this helps a bit :)

  11. What about red cordial -won't relax you but will give you lots of energy.


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