Thursday 18 October 2012

How was your morning?

How has your morning been?

Lily and I have been to spotlight to replenish my threads.
I ran out of white in the sewing machine about 8pm
last night so was not happy with myself :(

Then we went a did a little Christmas shopping.
Lily wont sit in a pram anymore, so trying to pick stuff up
without her taking too much interest was interesting to say the least!

Home now though and postie has been.
(Yay for online shopping)

The next issue of Vignette s finally here so I can get back to working on it. The last two blocks :). A little purchase from Fee, might get to play with them later, which reminds me, I had better check my emails and see way today's deal is ( should also look into how to set up emails on the iPad as sitting outside in the sun is way better than inside at the computer) I have plans for those zips and now I have white cotton for the machine I can get back to that little pile of Vintage Modern!

I think it's time to Make a coffee and our lunch an see if I can get some sewing in this afternoon.

Enjoy your day, doing something you love.
Hugs, Sharon


  1. Great purchases Sharon! oh yes, i do spot the threads in amongst it all, LOL...
    my morning is great... if only i didn't have washing to hang, bedsheets to change, dog to brush & dinner to plan... sigh....

  2. Set your emails up on iPAD asap! It makes it so much easier to sit anywhere!!!

    Love the shopping spree goodies!!!

  3. My morning has been great, it is so nice to warm the bones with the glorious sunshine.

  4. I'm with Heidi - It's fabulous - You can stay in touch anywhere. I'm not sure what I did before I had the Ipad. Glad your little packages arrived. Have fun with them.

    Hugs - Fee XX

  5. That is a healthy stash! Yes, Spring has sprung in Melbourne too! Just heard from husband that a little fabric purchase has arrived in my letter box too!

  6. I'm sad to say I spent the morning doing housework. I miss having a little friend to shop with so enjoy every minute with Miss Lily. Lovely shopping.

  7. looks like a great morning shopping with Lily..
    I spent the morning in my cave sewing secret things...

  8. Hi Sharon, that always happens to me. I get a spare minute to sit and sew and guess what? Yep, no thread left. I get a few at a time now!
    Sounds like you've had a lovely day with Miss Lily.
    I hope your sewing afternoon was productive.
    Therese xx

  9. nice buys Sharon i opened my parcel from Fee today,i got those lovely polka dot buttons,hope you had a productive day.xx


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