Monday 8 October 2012

Lancaster Part 3

Lancaster BOM / Part 3

Last time you saw my Lancaster Quit it looked like this.

The next part involves cutting some Diamonds and triangles.

a lot of diamonds and triangles.

Then to make some borders and attach some fussy cut squares for the corners.

At the end of Part 3 it looks like this, but I am seeing a problem :(

There is a thin border to go in between the centre square and the
outer diamond borders I have just made,
 but I don't see it fitting as things are.

I am not going to do anything at the moment. 
I will just wait until I have the border fabric but here is what I think is happening.

The photo on the front of the pattern (see above) has the 9 full diamonds and 2 half diamonds on each end and the instructions tell you to cut the 36 full diamonds and the 8 half diamonds but the shaded picture actually inside the pattern shows, 11 full diamonds and I am actually thinking that I might be meeting somewhere in between, at 10 full diamonds and the 2 half diamonds (one each end).  I will let you know how I go!

Have a great evening.


  1. Gee Sharon you amaze me this looks so hard and then for there to be a problem in the pattern,good lord i would be pulling my hair out,good luck.xx

  2. Sounds like the solution! I was thinking you would need to add another diamond somewhere!

  3. OMG - it is beautiful and I'm sure your solution will just add to this stunning quilt.

  4. Oh no I hope you don't have to unpick, it is just gorgeous. Such detailed work. Would be such a shame.

  5. I'm sure you'll be ale to solve it. What you have already done is looking so good.

  6. It is going to look amazing, good luck with the problem solving.

  7. Looks fantastic so far...sure you will work it out.
    Hugs Tanya

  8. I'm with Shez... I'd be bald by now if I had your problem. What you've done so far is stunning and whatever you have to do to 'fix' it will be worth it. I'm sending good quilty vibes... for what they're worth ;o)

  9. Good luck with your border. I am sure you do only need to add one more diamond on each.. Grr...

  10. Wow it looks good so far!! My kit didnt have the right size scallops ( hello cereal box lol) and I find Sues patterns so hard to follow, there is not enough detail...Im working from the pictures too..will post my progress soon :)

  11. Good luck Sharon, I don't think I'd even attempt this one!
    It looks so beautiful though. Hope you find a solution to the problem. Therese xx

  12. i've enjoyed seeing this project evolve. i have even gone back to my little hexagons at the moment too.

  13. hmmmm - its sounding a little complicated now......I'm sure it will all come into place quite nicely. Looking forward to seeing more of your progress. Lv S

  14. I also have this pattern and kit, but have been simply too busy to start it. I also am not feeling confident about it at all because the instructions are not at all easy to follow - I agree there is not enough detail, so looking at what you are doing will be really helpful. It looks wonderful though!

  15. Oh, it's absolutely gorgeous, Sharon....I am madly finishing my SAL quilt, then I will return to mine and catch up!! time I was working on mine I had attached the little narrow border and was having trouble working out the maths as you are too, in order to fit the required number of diamonds on each side.....I thought my piecing/seams must be slightly inaccurate, but if you're having trouble too, I feel it maybe not just me!!!.....that's the wonderful thing about sharing with like minded bloggers.......I feel so much better will battle on together.......


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