Friday 5 October 2012

Getting organised

I am in a few Christmas Swaps this year 
and I am loving making things for my partners.

Last year I sat on the sidelines and watched but this year, 
I am playing along and it is so much fun.

I like to be organised, how organised?

This organised

Both are now all ready for their new homes,
even packed up in boxes ready to post.

And for this one,

Santa Sack Swap

I have two items to go.
One needs the finishing touches and that last item,
help! I have not idea what to do.
Shez, what do you want? :o)

So being I am so organised, I started making these last night.

I am not a paper craft person but think they will be OK when finished.

Oh Christmas is going to be fun for me this year.
Thank you Bloggy friends.

Hugs, Sharon


  1. lol you are more organised than me Sharon,you will love being in the xmas swaps it puts sparkle back into xmas for us older people,lol.
    I really dont know you surprise me,let me know if you want pics of any room.Love your tags i had better make some,i have to do 2 lots.xx

  2. And here I was thinking I was the most organised but you beat me hands down,everything looks sooooo christmassy :) Barb.

  3. Well done sharon...
    I also thought I was organised but you a better than me..
    You will love opening all your gifts at Christmas...

  4. Love your organisation. I am nearly finished my swap gifts - just can't help myself once I start.

  5. I am enjoying doing lots of xmas swaps too this year sharon, and I am going pretty well, but you are way more organised than me

  6. Sharon well done you! Your wrapping looks very festive. I am only doing the one Christmas swap, and that's enough for me, I just have so much on at this time of year to feel confident of doing a good job... You will think of something for Shez I'm sure!

  7. All wrapped up and ready to go... I'm impressed... very impressed!! You are really going to have a fun Christmas for sure.

  8. Oh my goodness you are so organised, please don't tell me you've finished all of your Christmas shopping.

  9. Wow you have been busy!! And organized. :o)

  10. You put me to shame, you are so well organised!! I am still working on my Christmas Angel swap gifts.

  11. I'm feelig overwhelmed being in two Christmas swaps & now I see your gifts are for those are finished, wrapped & ready to go - not feeling intimidated at ALL! It is only October isn't it??? Well done Sharon, plenty of time now for all your other sewing. Tracee xx

  12. Amazing !!!! I even can say anything !!


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