Sunday 14 October 2012

Catching up on a BOM

Designer Mystery BOM

With Block 5 making its way to me across the ocean 
I though it about time I get block 4 done.

I have seen on a few blogs that people are getting two of each block from every pack
so with my growing pile of left over fabric I decided to do the same.

So this BOM for me is now 2 Blocks per month :)

I might want to pay a little more attention though as the red around the center square,
well they are all meant to be going the same way! woops.

Not sure yet if I will do some reverse stitching or just leave them.
They are not bothering me at the moment but time will tell.

So next step was to grab out the instructions for Blocks 1, 2 and 3 and
make them all again.

I now have 8 blocks, 1 set for the original quilt and one set for me to play with.
And look, I still have fabric left over to play with... aghh I am in a happy place!

Enjoy your day,
hugs, Sharon


  1. The Fat Quarter Shop is very generous isn't it! Looks like double the trouble BUT twice the FUN too ! :)

  2. Sharon - These blocks are darling!!! Is it possible to still join in? And if so, how?? :-))

  3. What a good idea, may do the same with mine!

  4. Love your blocks - looking good.

  5. Such a beautiful project, what a great idea to make 2 blocks,

  6. Gorgeous Sharon.Ive thought about making two blocks too,was a bit worried incase the extra fabric was for something later on.
    It won't be will it?,I have the finishing kit and the backing ,and there is mountains of fabric...OK,lol ,I've convinced myself...going to make extra blocks.(see how easy it is to talk yourself into something.haha.xx

  7. Your blocks are gorgeous. It was a great idea to make 2 blocks each. I too have the 5 first patterns, but not started yet. Maybe I will try making 2 of each, too. Want to start now.

  8. I've tossed up making two blocks from each posting too...there is just SO much fabric! What will you do with your double-up blocks?

  9. Too much fabric can never be a bad thing. Your blocks look lovely - that is a great colour scheme.

  10. Very cool, getting two-for-one blocks each month! It's not a lot more work to do 2 instead of 1 when they're the same thing as each other. They're so pretty, too.


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