Tuesday 25 September 2012

My new .....

Pincushion is taking shape.

Not to sure that I am going to be able to put any pins 
in him though as he is already looking like he might be a bit cute :)

He is the Turtle Pincushion from Anni Downs newest book, 
The Simple Life.

I have also been busy getting a couple more presents organised 
for the wonderful Shez as part of 

Santa Sack Swap

So here is a teaser pick for Shez :o)

I also noticed this on line recently, now just need to find one in store
somewhere for the sewing room :o)

Have a great day.


  1. Ooh lucky Shez. I can understand you not wanting to stab your little turtle.

  2. lol,you teaser,such pretty parcels,your turtle is looking good,though he is stuck on his back,lol.xx

  3. Love that turtle...i think I need to make one too...sticking pins in will be hard, might just be for decoration!

  4. He is too cute for pins. Poor Shez will be be getting excited, you are a tease.

  5. Too funny... I just printed out a turtle pattern too. Yours is so much more advanced though.
    Shez must be squirming in her seat right now! Love it! :)

  6. I'm looking forward to seeing your little turtle. That's not nice to tease Shez. Now she'll be spending too much time wondering what's inside! LOL!

  7. Lucky Shez! Your turtle is going to be great too.....

    Those graphics would make an awesome print for the sewing room wall, very cool!

  8. Oh he is definitely too cute to stick pins in... that's why i have an ugly & plain pincushion that I do stick pins in, as well as some pretties & cuties that are purely for me to love.... !

  9. Teasing Shez like that is too cruel... bet she can't sit still till Christmas now! The little turtle will be so cute when he's up and running.... and pin free I hope! ;o)

  10. Oh they are just too cute... the sign is great... I know you could make one....


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