Monday 24 September 2012

A Finished Quilt

My Favourite Things 

I was lucky enough to join this group of ladies in November last year
and thus began my journey with this quilt.

Armed with one book, some gorgeous fabrics and the support from the 
Stitch-a-long girls, especially Chookyblue. I have been able to turn all this

into this

Quilt Stats
"My Favourite Things" by Anni Downs
from the book
"Some Kind of Wonderful"
Finished Size 
62" x 69"

It is even up on the wall :)

Only one thing wrong with this picture. Do you see it?
The wine rack is empty!
Better get around to fixing that! lol

If you would like to see more versions of this quilt come to life,
 pop on over the the Stitch-a-long blog and take a look.

Enjoy your Monday.


  1. It does look amazing Sharon..... love the colours you used and it is perfect on the wall.... was such a lot of fun sewing with everyone else....
    No I didn't notice the empty wine that how many bottles it took to make it?

  2. wow Sharon its stunning well done my friend on a beautiful finish,love the colours and fabrics you have used,pretty awesome xx

  3. Brilliant work. It looks wonderful there on the wall. Clever you.

  4. You forgot to mention the other thing that is missing...the bowl of chockies. I love the quilt it looks fabulous.

  5. Your quilt looks fantastic Sharon.

  6. Well done Sharon, your quilt looks beautiful. I'm so tempted to make this one.

  7. Well done Sharon, it looks gorgeous. No time for wine at the rate you sew!

  8. Your quilt is really special Sharon. I just love the fabric and colours used. You should be very proud of yourself!

  9. Congratulations. I've fallen so far behind. Your quilt is awesome.

  10. just gorgeous Sharon........thanks for being such a a wonderful SAL member........and I am impressed it is already hanging on the wall.....

  11. Wow - it is simply beautiful! Congratulations on finishing!

  12. Wooohooo! Gorgeous work Sharon. I need some close-ups/ tips on how you quilted it...I'm pinning mine, and still have no quilting inspiration! How did you quilt yours?

  13. That is sooo cute Sharon. I love it. What a great finish. I have really enjoyed watching these progress around blogland. :)

  14. Oh that is an amazing quilt. You should be so proud of yourself for all that hard work. I guess you spent the wine money on more fabric!

  15. You've done gorgeous job on this quilt Sharon

  16. Your quilt has turned out beautifully. The little turtle pincushions are wonderful aren't they? I'm going to have to make another one or two.

  17. You must be thrilled to bits!! Your quilt really is some kind of wonderful. Love the colours... love everything about it... just wish it was mine! :o))

  18. Your quilt is just gorgeous Sharon, another fabulous finish!!


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