Tuesday 24 July 2012

Urban Stitches Part 2

Inspiring and inspiration at its best.

Have you seen this before?

IMG_3887_6576 blog
Sew Laugh Love by Leanne Beasley.

It was part of the Urban Stitches Kit last year and has since been released.  
I have liked it but never felt compelled to make it ... until now.
After lunch on Saturday we were treated to some real eye candy during the Show and tell.

The colourings are beautiful. 
Even this picture does not show you the full beauty of this finished project but it has now
 caused me to add this project to my every growing to do list.

Leanne also got out her Mystery Quilt for everyone to see.
It was great to have a talk with her and find out some of the options
that she is currently playing with to finish off this project.
I am looking forward to seeing what option she goes for as they
all sound exciting :o)

It was also great to talk with Leanne about quilting ideas.

Since getting home I have got mine back out.
Inspired to do some more.

I am also looking forward to Leannes next big project in her Vignette Magazine.
It sounds right up my alley as it can be made from scraps.  She also has a smaller BOM
coming in Vignette. I am looking forward to seeing both.

So what is a fun day of socialising and stitching without some
Retail Therapy?

12 FQ's and an extra thread pack as one has to make sure she has enough
 threads to finish off each of the three projects we got on the day.

A couple more books for the collection.
The Christmas one was a parting gift from

I also purchased the pattern for this cute "Fairy Floss" Angel by
Melly & Me

as well as the pattern for this one by Rosalie
"The Nibbles Family & Carry-all House"

and after seeing this one in "real life" I am going to dig out my pattern 
and make it up for Lily's room (as originally planned)

Only 7 weeks until I get to experience another stitching day
and I am so looking forward to it.


  1. You found lots of lovely goodies.... I'm looking forward to watching you make them... I'm sure it won't take you too long!!


  2. Don't you just love the energy and inspiration of you get at a retreat. Your shopping and new projects look great, lots of fun ahead.

  3. love your new buys Sharon,where is your next stitching day.? xx

  4. Love the mushroom houses. Would you please tell me what the pattern is and where I may purchase it. Thank you.

  5. I loved the first version of Sew Laugh Love but I absolutely adored the colours in the other one. The lady who stitched it gave me the colours she used which was really nice of her. Looking forward to stitching up that one too ... I have now realised I need to live to 150 to finish all the projects I have in mind! Love your shopping too! Fiona x

  6. Oh Sharon you sound like you had a ball. Lots of FuN projects in your future! Everyone of them looks beautiful too! :)

  7. Hi Sharon, looks like you had a wonderful time & have loads of projects up your sleeve! I love the cute little house with the mini-mice , is it?

  8. Lovely stitching goodies there Sharon. I love the alternate colouring of Stitch Laugh Sew. It's great to get an injection of inspiration once in a while, especially if it reminds you of all the treasures you have lurking in cupboards & boxes & bags, and wherever else!

  9. Sharon this have been heaven !!! I'm so jealous you can talk with Leanne !!!!and all the beauties you've seen ... and all the great people you've met !!!! I'm not surprised you ask for the next one now !!

  10. Its amazing what a colour change can do to inspire you to make something.

  11. My name is Sharon too and I was a newbie - the day was just perfect. I just loved the alternate colour ways too of Stitch, Laugh and Sew... I bought that design last year not long after the 2011 Urban Stitches - and no it isn't done... I keep telling my other half I am stockpiling for my retirement!!! But I don't think he believes me any more :-)

  12. This event is on my "bucket list" I think...so much stitchy inspiration in one place! Love all your new purchases too ;)

  13. thansk for sharing all your pics........looks like a great day.........

  14. It sounds like you had a wonderful time, thank you for sharing the inspiration. Nice to hear about your chat with Leanne Beasley too, lucky you!!


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