Sunday 1 July 2012

Sunday .. really .... already?

I have had my nose in my Kindle for the last couple of days. 
Unable to put it down.
Just reading  ... I love to read a good book :)

So I have no Bottled Rainbow Quilt block to share.
I have looked at it but the inspiration didn't hit.

I have had a BIG clean up of my sewing space though and with that
some inspiration to make a dent in a UFO.

Once Upon a Time

It wasn't that long ago that I traced and assembled the last two blocks.
They are still sitting here, unattended to BUT so far today
I have managed to get the other blocks out,
Ironed them
placed them on the design wall
I am planning to start cutting the sashing strips and corner stones today.
Maybe do some stitching tonight whilst the Block finale is on.

Also, with the last block there was also a bonus block 
and being I have enough fabrics left over I thought that
 I might make it up and into a cushion.

My original plan for this quilt was to have it in 
Miss Lily's bedroom, over a reading chair.

Still achievable. 
Lets see how far I get today and bear in mind it is already 3pm here
 and I am itching to get back to my Kindle!



  1. It's looking gorgeous Sharon, I know you will be able to get this done in no time!! Wendy xx

  2. They are the cutest blocks Sharon,Lily will love this,you can do it,i know you can.xx

  3. Choosing what to do can be a real dilemma. Some days the sewing just doesn't happen.

  4. That is such a lovley quilt and will be perfect for Miss Lily.... sometimes a good book is just the diversion we need...Grandieboy was my diversion this weekend....

  5. Lovely lovely lovely,you have such beautiful quilts,we can't get anything like this in the UK,we are sadly lacking in the quilt department.
    Lovely Miss Lily is going to love this quilt,who wouldn't.
    Ps ,must be a very good book,title please.....

  6. Such a beautiful quilt, keep going and it will soon be finshed.

  7. Your soo good tackling UFOs, will be lovely in Lilys room

  8. Sometimes the sitting down with a good book wins here too lol. You are so close to getting it finished though.


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