Friday 29 June 2012

Ready to go

Swaps .....

I had a productive day yesterday 

My "a Little Bit French" Items are ready to post to my Secret Partner

I made my July Swap Blocks


I have also received my Modern Sample Bee Block from Juliet.
Thank you Juliet. I love it.      
My Next Swap commitment is

Doll Quilters

Doll Quilt Swap  is a monthly Swap (You can sit out at any time)
I have received my parter for this month and I am looking forward to working on your 
mini quilt in the next couple of weeks Kris.  
If you are interested in joining this fun little group
pop on over HERE to join in.


I have also made a start on my partners gifts in the 
F.R.I.E.N.D.S swap.

Two weeks of School Holidays start today. 
These are my least favourite Holidays.
Usually to cold to do to much :(

On the up side, it is that much closer to 

and the designers are posting sneak peaks of our kits, so exciting :o)

Which also means a weekend away for me and hubby.
Also means I really need to get a grip on my upcoming birthday.
It's not the birthday I have the problem with but the number!

Have a fantastic Friday


  1. You've been super busy Sharon. Enjoy the school holidays and fingers crossed that the weather improves for the kids and parents too. Your french swap is wrapped very provincially too!
    Well done! :)

  2. You have been busy Sharon, we just had our school holidays 2 weeks ago and my boys were a bit bored as the weather was cold and miserable and I had to work.
    Enjoy your weekend

  3. your wrapping looks so sweet, wonder where they will end up? Your swap blocks look great.
    I love all school holidays the same as that's when I have holidays. Two weeks of bliss!
    If that upcoming number seems too scary just halve it.

  4. wow Sharon how good do those little french swap pressies look,hope you dont mind if i use that idea at some time.You are so organised with your swaps,i am a bit all over the place at the minute with reno's and grandies over the school holidays.xx

  5. Wow- you have been busy! I love the winter term holidays it's a great chance to cosy down at home with the family and enjoy being together without too much fuss. You must be looking forward to Urban Stitches, it looks like a lot of fun :)

  6. Those blocks are gorgeous and I love the way you have wrapped the french swap items too.

  7. Waoh !!! a very productive day !! I can't believe you will participate to Urban Stitches !!!
    You are SOOOOOOO lucky !!!

  8. Lots of swappy things going on.... such lovely wrapping idea for the French parcels... and a fun weekend to look forward to... so a birthday.... wonderful... after a while the numbers go backwards... it's like magic...

  9. Nice wrapping touches to your swap items!! Love reading about all your swaps and block swaps...they are all gorgeous!!
    Would love to go to the Urban Stitches, am jealous!!

  10. I love your wrapping, I will have to remember that idea! All your blocks are lovely too.


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