Monday 2 July 2012

What's on the Kindle?

    I have had some questions about what's on the Kindle and being that I didn't get any of that sewing done yesterday as I had hoped
    let me share.

    This is what has been and is distracting me . . .  

    There is a lot of hype around this book at the moment so I loaded it onto the Kindle. 

    It now has me hooked and like many other people world over I am enjoying this read.
    It is not your typical mills and boon type novel, it's much hotter!

    I am part way through the second one so I am likely to stay distracted for a little bit yet!



  1. have fun Sharon thats why i only read mags now as it cuts into my sewing time,lol.xx

  2. I have downloaded it on to my iphone but am yet to begin to read it...

  3. I have heard a few people talk about this saucy series!!

  4. Nothing like some HOT romance in our daily lives.
    Good for you... so EnJoY it !

  5. I also down loaded all three books onto my reader last week,lots of hype over here too.I have just started the first book.I have been told they are a bit naughty,havnt reached any naughty bits yet.
    My daughter told me I was too old to read such books LOL...
    Love Laura.xx

  6. I'd better get started. I downloaded it last week but haven't started yet, everyone's talking about it.

  7. Oooh! Thanks for a personal recommendation- looks like it might be worth checking out!

  8. They were talking about this book on the radio the other day...might have to take a peek. I have just finished a Nora Roberts book, I love her!

  9. Love the red kindle!!! My cover is red too!!! Matches the book I think ... I'm half way through the first one ..... oh my goodness!!

  10. Hummm.... fancy swapping Kindles with me? Your book choice sounds a lot more exciting than mine. Unless you fancy reading "Why We Get Fat & What To Do About It" that is. No! I didn't think so. ;o)
    I'm off to check out your saucy book.... am I the only one that hasn't heard of it


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