Monday 25 June 2012

We need to talk .......

Dear Postie, we need to talk.  

You normally come and deliver my parcels around 8.30am. 
You are very reliable and if I know something is coming
 I even try to shower and get dressed before you arrive
 as we both know you have caught me out a few times 
and I have answered the door in my PJ's!   
Sorry about that.

This morning I was ready, waiting your arrival and nothing, you did not knock :(
Oh well.

Miss Lily started Ballet this term and here she is this afternoon at the Parents Day.
The one and only day in a term that the parents are allowed to watch the class.

I know I am a little, well a LOT bias but isn't she so cute :o)

Oh back to postie ......
look what I found on the step when I got home 
(insert huge grin here)

I might just have to forgive you Mr Postie for being a few hours later than normal
but it's not my fault next time I answer the door in my flannel PJ's OK!

Oh Shez, that puppy is even cuter in person :)
and I'm keeping the box all for me and not letting a child have it!

(insert Squeals of excitement here) It's an Anni Downs / Hatched and Patched
Santa Sack. Thank you Shez it is beautiful and PERFECT stitching.

Look what was inside

7 gifts ..... oh do I really have to wait?  .... ok I will
Aghhh it's like being a kid in a candy store :o)

I have to admit,
 I have had a little squeeze and then to add to my own torment 
I have carefully placed them all back into my new Sack and left them right here .......

Oh but not before taking one last photo to show you exactly how big my new Santa Sack is.

Not the most flattering photo of Miss Lily but you get a good idea on size :o)

Thanks again Shez.
And Cheryll, this is such a fun swap.

No to go back and open the rest of my mail :o)


  1. lol,Lily would make a very cute present,she is very cute in her ballet outfit,so glad you like your santa sack Sharon,this is such a fun swap and i am so glad i have you as a partner this year,its the 1st time we have swaped with each other.xx

  2. Lily is indeed very cute... in her ballet outfit and in the Santa Sack... lucky you... I'm sure you and Shez are having a lot of fun...

  3. Go easy on poor positie, bloggers create so much extra mail! Miss Lily is a star in the making.

  4. What a hilarious have made me laugh and made my morning :)
    And what a fabulous box full of goodies...trying to keep your hands off the gorgeous Anni Downs sack for 6 months is going to be hard :)

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  6. Wow how cute is Miss Lilly.....and I am sure you have been very spoilt by Shez,,

  7. She is perfect as Santa's little elfer isn't she! AND a ballerina too! WOW you should be proud!! :)
    Shez's sack is beautiful... and WOW what a heap of loot! :)

  8. Hi Sharon--I too got a lovely package from my postie today in the mail, even happened to be near the door (ok, I was loitering in that vicinity) when he arrived so had it handed over in person and oh my, thank you SO much for my birthday package. It was very generous of you and I am already planning a quilt for a friend of mine who has had a a really horrible few years and I know the fabrics you sent from your swoon quilt will brighten her days! Oh, and your Lily looks about the same age as my Edie and JUST as cheeky I bet!

  9. This is really a wonderful swap !!! both the gift you sent and Shez bag are beautiful !!
    And Miss Lily is so cute when she dances !!!

  10. Lily is so cute dancing! I was a ballet mum for 9 years with Grace. 7 of them twice a week and exams lol. I used to love helping out at concert and exam times so much. Grace doesnt do it anymore though as she would rather sing and play piano but the skills have taught her well for posture and stage presence.
    Shez's bag looks wonderful too. I might just have to try and sign up for this swap next year as I am seeing so many wonderful sacks on the internet and it looks like great fun making and receiving things.

  11. Lily is such a cutie!!! My choice for a Santa Sack...should have signed up for this swap sigh....i dont think I could wait the 5 months to open them...I have a problem with things like that lol

  12. What a cute, cute post!! And that Lily is soooooooooooooo darling!! Even in a bag!! :-))

  13. Miss Lily is adorable! My little miss does ballet too - a room full of three year old girls all dressed as fairies - too cute!!

    I love your santa sack. You are very lucky to have Shez as a swap partner!

  14. Girl...Are there ANY swaps you are NOT a part of! You are so would I like a cool Santa sack filled with goodies!!


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