Monday 4 June 2012

A little more of My Favourite Things

My Favourite Things Quilt

and all three together

I also managed to get a little secret squirrel sewing done for the Santa Sack Swap .... Hi Shez :)

I have a few ideas of what I can make Shez over the next few months and 
I am planning on making as many items as possible, verses buying ready made items.  
So that's two items per month, plus a Santa sack / stocking in the first mailing 
and an extra "Christmassy" gift in December.

I have the first two months gifts and the Santa sack/stocking organised.
Not made, just organised to be made!

So here is where I need your help, 
if you see anything that you think might be just perfect please let me know, 
point me in the right direction to the Blog or tutorial 
or even if there is something that you would love to receive in a swap, 
let me know, it might help inspire me in the coming months :o)

Have a great day and thanks in advance :o)


  1. well done with the blocks ... they look great..... I am also doing Santa Sack... such a fun swap.... and I would also like to do handmade as much as possible... did you see Anni Downs free christmas pattern last year?

  2. Gorgeous blocks Sharon,lol,you are getting me so excited,lol,you are a tease Sharon B,lol.Love the xmas swaps.xx

  3. Looking good Sharon. Great to plan ahead too.

  4. The blocks look great - as always :) Your fabric choices for each are gorgeous!! ... I'm also wanting to do mostly handmade gifts as much as possible, though thinking I'll add the odd pattern or book - my partner isn't really a quilter, more cross-stitcher and book reader!! Something different! ... Looking forward to seeing what you decided to make Shez! Whatever it will be will be fantastic!! Lucky Shez, getting you as partner!! Hugs!

  5. Your quilt is coming along superbly!
    It's going to be wonDerfuL ! :)


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